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Hello, I am trying to track down a motherboard still in production that is compatible with a Slot-A 900MHz Athlon Thunderbird CPU, which uses the .18-micron core size. Can anyone give me any information? I've been looking all day... all I can find for Slot A motherboards are ones that are for the "classic" Athlons (.25-micron core size) and don't seem to support Thunderbird at 900Mhz. I appreciate any help you can provide!
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  1. Check pricewatch under motherboards and amd 751 chipset. The first 2 listings are about $50-55, and may be what you are looking for. I would check out the brand websites to see if they will truly support the thunderbird 900.
  2. Hey J,
    Here's my take on the solutions: call these mobo maker's tech support(and ask about T-Bird support of these mobos): Asus K7M, Fic SD-11, Freetech P7F200, Gigabyte GA-71XE, Microstar MS-6195, Shuttle Spacewalker AI61, or Soyo K7AIA, after you find out if they are in stock of your favorite retailer. I know the Shuttle AI61 will support the T-bird Slot A, because that is what my old computer is running(with a Bios update). I would not trust any vendor with these questions, try to talk to a mobo techie! If I were you, I would consider getting a new Socket A mobo and CPU, most Slot A mobos only support ATA 66, and 2x AGP. If you have to spend the money and time to put together a system why not just write off the Slot A cpu, and start fresh, even if you have to get a cheap Duron(you can always replace it when you have more $$$$, if you need the speed).
    Hope this helps a little & Good Luck!
    Peace Out...........tile

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  3. I have to agree with tilepusher on this one ... I had a similar dilema ..
    I wasnt willing to part with my classic 500Mhz Athalon ... The FIC SD-11 only supports agp 1x and supposedly wont even run a 32m graphics card (even though I have a 32 mb TnT2, jeez that would explain A LOT!) So I was searching for a board to support AGP 4x and possibley even some overclocking possibilty without a Gf device) the only board out there was an abit KA7 I believe ... (blah beat me if im off I dont like to browse) Its basically unatainable (maybe find on on ebay)... anyway to make a long story short.. I figured why bother .. for $220 bucks I can get a kt7a-raid and a duron 950 a 350w PS and a Nice solid copper HS and fan.. and I can upgrade my cpu if needed (supports TB 1.4) .. I get AGP 4x .. Then to make matters even better I can slide that FIC SD-11 over to a spare case throw a cd+floppy, a 2 gig hdd and keep the 32mb tnt2 in there .. and I'm not loosing out cause I get a killer Kiddie system that my boy can play SWE1 POD Racer on and a slew of new kid software that needs a bigger system(the old p133 64mb ram 2gig hdd, 4mb video, is more dead weight than fun at this point) and I get a new board and chip that more than satifies me.. course... I'll need a GF2ti or something to toss in there cause the gf3ti500 will go to the new ddr mobo and Athalon XP combo comming for Christmas!!

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  4. Thought I might add that THG has an extensive list of slot a boards and they're stats <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>

    I am a goober.. with just enough knowledge to be dangerous .. .. will you hold this for a sec?
  5. There is a ton of them on ebay...word of caution stay away from the gforce cards when using this chipset ( irongate)

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