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i want help in everyone herem my problem is when i reinstall my window7,and finally finish..then i check my computer to see local disk, i found that drive(f)has used space but when i open it there is no file ,i try to reformat but windows unable to complete the repormat?i try defragment and go to disk management to reformat but suddenly same problem also.please help me to anybody here advance thanks.....
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  1. How many hard drives do you have and how many partitions, what is drive F, another drive or a partition? how much space is used and how big is it?
    Did it previously contain an OS?
  2. i right click "my computer"-> "manage"->"disk management" ->then we have 3 volume the (C) (D) (F) now for your question how many hardisk i haved? if i know hardisk is a primary storage devised right? as i told there's local disk(C)
    where i install my windows7 and the second local disk(D) that has no folder or file inside there? and the third is the local disk(F) that has use space but has no item or folder inside the local disk(F) that contains 83.9MB space?in the local disk(F) use 35.1MB and has free space now of 45.8MB that suddenly this local this has no item or folder and i dont know why its happen. can you help me pls?anyone here forum :(
  3. for more info: it start when i reinstall my window7 OS.and i do not delete the partition because when i reinstall my window7 it has no command for delete partition and i think that its automatic delete when you choose "customize" for install windows
    i check my diskmanagement for more info for local disk(F) and i found there that this
    volume: F
    File system:NTFS
    status : healthy (system,active.primary partition)
    i try to reformat them in disk management but still doesn't work
  4. and now suddenly even the desktop wallpaper didn't work properly windows message appear that windows not support.when i right click the desktop to find settings to make picture set as background suddenly i dont find it know unlike lately that i easy manage my computer?
  5. It appears that your F partition may contain systems files, which would be hidden.
    My suggestion would be to reinstall W7 doing a custom install. Backup any files that you don't want to loose first.
    Next boot from the W7 disk, select custom (Advanced), then go to disk tools to delete all partitions and then create a new one to reinstall W7.
    For step by step instructions go to>
  6. thanks for your link but when i try it if u see the image in 10 of 15 there is an option of:
    (Load driver)

    but everytime i re install my window7 the option refresh and load driver are only i found.The option DRIVE OPTION advance is never i found even delete partition everytime i do installation of windows7 this is my serious problem?
  7. The "Drive options advanced" is on the same screen as "Refresh and Load driver" but on the right side of the screen at the same line level, you need to click on it.
    All Microsoft Windows 7 install disks have it.
    The option to delete partitions is on the next screen after you select "Drive options advanced".
  8. what do you mean ? i need to click on the right side same line level even i did not see the drive option advance?beacause every time i do installation i never see other option execpt refresh and load driver? then after i click the right side same line level of the refresh or load driver the drive option advance will i see? is that what you mean?
  9. It's located on the right side it's not hidden, no magic involved. Have another look at the link I gave you, Click on the image to enlarge it, you will see exactly where it is.
  10. thanks for helping me god bless you
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