Strange Frame rate issues

Intel i5 750 (4 cores 2.67GHz)
ATI Radeon HD 5770
Windows XP - 32bit
RAM - 4gb (using 3 since OS is 32 bit)

I recently played skyrim, and was noticing a significant loss in frame rate on even medium settings. I upgraded to the 11.11 update that came out yesterday, but it hasn't changed much. I ran 3d Mark 06 again for the first time since march of 2010 and noticed a significant loss of frame rate for all of the tests. Anyone have any clue?

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  1. clean the dust? what are the temperatures during benchmark? check that your PSU isn't giving out (check fan is going and approx exhaust temp if you don't have a sensor on it)
  2. that actually happened to be the problem. I completely gutted it last night and cleaned everything (new thermal compound etc). runs better then it ever has :)
  3. ahh ok, then problem solved. happy gaming
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