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Monitor losing signal when playing wow

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Started playing wow about 3 weeks ago and today after playing for a little while my monitor gave me the message that there was no input (or something like that..message you get when the computer is off, but the monitor is on) and a static sound.

I have played LOL for months prior to this with not a problem
I have downloaded the driver available on the video cards website
I have checked the cpu temp while the game was running and it was about high 30's - low 40's

Any suggestions on how i can fix this?

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  1. well using LOL as a reference isn't very useful, the game got pretty low demanding graphix

    WOW is a whole lot better

    can you check your GPU temps? what settings are you running on in-game? what res?
    is your windows power setting set to max performance? check that your case fans are working. do some dust cleaning if you haven't in a while. Check that PSU fan is going and the exhaust air isn't too hot.

    Lets see what you can gather up then hopefully it's easier to put the finger on what's causing this
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will do this when I get work atm

    How can i check my GPU temps? Is there a program I can download?
  3. Speedfan or if you have an ATI card the CCC program should have a temperature dial built in.
  4. yeah, speedfan, hwmonitor or hwinfo work good. more advanced things are msi afterburner or evga tool (those even allow you to oc your GPU)

    usually the same prog you're using for cpu temp should be able to access the gpu thermal diode, but if not see above
  5. res: 1280x800
    gpu temp is 49-58 c

    any recommended settings i should use...not sure what i should have them at. I thought my vid card would handle max settings

    my monitor is 18.5"

    where do i go to set windows power settings to max performance? it may already be that was, but i want to make sure

    i just looked at the gpu fans and neither of them are spinning...should'nt they always spin?
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    Not entirely sure, I think if you have enough airflow in the case, fans might not spin (looking at your temps, your GPU is very cool, so maybe fans are off to not waste any power) If you were running GPU @ 75+C and fans didn't spin that would be a problem.
    the only question I have is why is there such a huge spread? almost 10 degrees is a lot, does it really vary that much under load?

    windows power settings can be accessed from control panel it's called "Power Options" or you can type in power options to start menu that always works (this new features I simply love about win7)

    ok with that resolution I think your 560 should have zero problem running everything on ultra. So, I think you have something like screen saver kicking in maybe?

    Double check your video cable connection to the GPU port
  7. thanks...i'll try that

    i called Gigabyte and (after a 10 minute hold) the guy told me to try updating BIOS (i only updated the driver)
  8. i updated BIOS and took the card out and cleaned was hot... the fans are not kicking on.
    i changed up the power cables and the fans still not are not coming on
    i have hrmonitor running and when im not in game the gpu temps are in the 40's. i went in game for about 10-15 minutes i the temp rose to 82.
  9. ah then it's def overheating. if GPU are no longer on warranty you will have to replace fans yourself
  10. its under warranty, but Gigabyte return policy says i will be down for a few weeks. in the meantime i want to get a "temp" gpu...what is a cheap one that will allow me to run wow?
  11. update:

    i have to send in my GTX 560ti to Gigabyte per the warranty and will be down several weeks while they do whatever they have to do. They will either repair my card if they can or replace it.

    so i wont be without a computer for 3 plus weeks i went to best buy and bought a cheap gpu to tide me over. i found a Radeon hd 4550 (or so i thought, hrmonitor shows it is a 430x card), but doesnt matter, the new cheap card is working like a champ. not sure why the 560 started overheating when this new card has no fans and the temp never went over 76 cel.

    i will stay away from Gigabyte GPU's in the future...if you check out the reviews, many people are dealing with the same issue i had and the return policy is garbage.
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