Core i3 vs i5 vs amd processor laptop ??

hi , i'm planning to buy a laptop for gaminig ! i m confused between core i3 vs i5 vs amd processors ! all three with 1 gb as dedicated graphics ! so plz suggest me a processor between the above 3 , which will perform better for gaming like GTA 4 !
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  1. Full specs of the laptops are required.
  2. i5, Phenom II, I3, Athlon II in that order.

    A faster dual core is better than a slower triple, when it comes to gaming on a laptop.
  3. what budget are you looking for?

    Entry level laptops I can advise to try these:
    $700 Asus A53 - i5, GT540M, 6gb Ram and 640Gb hdd - decent entry level laptop

    what games do you plan to play and at what settings do you prefer the graphics to be?
    any specific features you want the laptop to have?
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