Help how to figure out how to mod Skyrim files

Ok I am new to mods I haven't done this yet. So I went to nexus and downloaded some graphic tweaks and a bunch of other cool mods. How do I implement them into my skyrim steam folder??????

I know the instructions say put the data folder in the main directory of skyrim. So I locate the folder C:/program 86 / steam/steamapps/common/skyrim. In there they want me to put the DATA folder in, but there already is a data folder???

What happens to that orginal data folder if I replace it does it mess up the game ??

exp. of one of the folders is Dragon moon phase all is says is to

Drop the "Data" folder into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\"

but if I do that the orginal data folder will be replaced is that what is supposed to happen cause there are other folders that contain the exact same instruction??? They are very simple mods they don't involve changing anything specific just adding files to the main directory on skyrim.

Also there are a couple of other one's like that how to I combine them into one data folder when there are multiple DATA folders lol ???
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  1. If you are running Windows 7 or Window Vista then no it will not replace the folder, it will merge the two folders and then you are done. If you are running Windows XP then XP has a tendencey to delete the old one and replace the one you are putting in. Good luck modding.
  2. you probly know, but make sure you copy your whole skyrim file before doing anything. i ruined morrowind for good because i didnt and nothing brings the game back to normal, not even uninstalling and reinstalling
  3. These mods work well and it makes the game look better.

    (no more blocky faces, detailed faces v2, FXAA post process injector at preset 2, enhanced blood textures, detailed bodies, vurt's skyrim flora overhaul, and high quality eyes. All of these are available at Skyrim Nexus)
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