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Hey guys I have been reading all over trying to figure out how to fix this my xbox 360 resolution problem. The problem I have is that I'm running my xbox 360 currently in 1080p and playing MW3, I am getting really bad pixelation and it does not look clear at all. I was trying to run the xbox 360 on my native resolution of 1920x1080 but for some reason the xbox 360 does not give me that option, it only goes up to 1650x1024. Anyone know why this is and how I could fix it?

Also I have a Samsung BX2331 monitor.
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  1. If it is currently in 1080p then it means it is on 1920x1080...
    What does your monitor say/or in the box Full HD or HD ready? If it says HD ready then it won't be compatible for 1080p. Samsung monitors are quite popular for having these issues... so check this out.
    I think in a PC it can work at 1080p (full HD) but you need to scale it yourself from the video properties, but no idea if the xbox doesn't allow it with this model. You can also try it using the second hdmi port and see what it does..
  2. It is full HD ready. I just don't get why my game is so pixelated.
  3. It could be because the XBox doesn't render anything a 1080p resolution, most games are rendered at 720p or lower and then upscaled to 1080p. It isn't as noticeable if you are sitting far back from a larger HD TV, but if you are sitting close to a monitor, the lack of quality on the upscale may be more noticeable. I suppose you could try running the display at 720p with the XBox, but then you would take a hit on picture quality from not using the display's native resolution.
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