I just wiped windows the other day and have been updating *** and while i was playing wow and surfing the internet and using vent and i noticed vent would lag as soon as i opened a webpage. So i open my "Windows Task Manager" and i have 10 Svchost.exe running, i know the normal is 6. They are not the virus Version since i allready checked for that, i scanned my system as well, no malware or spyware or adware, i havnt even surfed for porn yet on this. Websites are taking longer to load and vent lags like a mofo when they are loading. Not sure what to do. Its not Automatic updates since iv nuked that right after I installed updates. But my overall internet is moving so slow and this is about a 4 day old install of windows.
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  1. What OS?
  2. Well windows 7, i posted in the windows 7 forums XD
  3. ok , sorry I didnt check.
    It is normal to have a lot of svc hosts running in Windows 7.
    If you right click the svchost.exe process and click on go to service's then you can see each service that each svchost.exe process is running.
  4. [#0005ff]Hit the Windows key and R together then in the Open box type the following, including the spaces - cmd /k tasklist /svc - and then hit the Enter key. A black form will appear, right click anywhere in it and click SelectAll. Press the Enter key and that puts the text into the Clipboard. Control V gets it back out so you can put it in a Notepad document or post it back here so we can see what's doing what.[/#000ff]
  5. I'm also interested as I'm curious if lots of svchost causes OS to freeze or to slow down OS.
  6. No, unless it is a virus or malware there are some viruses that do add an svchost to the processes.
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