Can I run skyrim on high++?

I got the following specs:
Intel E8500 3,16GhZ
4GB ram

Hope anyone can help me with this, I do have a ps3 if anyone reccomends me buying it on that instead :). Thank you.
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  1. I don't expect it will run smoothly at the highest settings, but it should be very playable with a bit of tweaking.
  2. So without any AA or alot of shadows I should be able to play at very high/ultra'ish? I saw some youtube vids with people playing with the same specs as me at ultra and it was smooth. Not sure what they did but it looked amazing.
  3. I generally don't trust Youtube when it comes to these things... Perhaps you could borrow the game from a friend to see how it runs before buying it yourself?
  4. Well I'm hitting town today so I was hoping I could get it today. It did win console game of the year though, so getting it on my ps3 won't be that bad of an idea will it? :) (thanks for the replies!)
  5. The graphics are actually very impressive for a console game on PS3. I bought it for both PC and PS3 and even with max settings it doesn't look all that much better than PS3.
  6. They did a pretty remarkable job for the console versions. The main differences are pretty subtle, but you can definitely get it to look better on PC. Water reflections, texture quality at view distances, etc.

    Incidentally, I DID hear something about the shadows drastically affecting the drag on your system. If you're going for higher settings, overall, than your system can really handle in a very easy fashion, you can probably turn shadows down to get a little bump in performance for everything else. Will it be enough for your specific system to run it on the settings you want? I'm not really sure.
  7. I think you can run with all settings on high/ultra. Your specs make my PC seem unbearably slowand it's not. This is what it looks like on my little machine.
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