How well does PS3 stream

I'm wondering whether to get a htpc or a ps3

the main thing id be doing on is streaming* tv shows

How well does ps3 stream megavideo ( 40 min - 2 hours high quality videos ) / putlocker / videobb?

does it stutter or lag?

How hard is it to operate, and is the quality good?

Thanks so much.
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  1. I'm not sure, I have business class internet, I can download a 5gb file in less than 30 minutes. But for the life of me I can not stream wirelessly to my ps3 from my computer. It used to work fine but after the updates a couple months back I have not been able to stream. Tried Tversity and PS3 Media server and the playback stutters every 2 seconds. Movie files are all xvid or avi. It used to work fine, and the router is like 8 feet away. Netflix and online gameplay is no problem, signal strength is always 100% so I dunno what happened.
  2. i'm talking about streaming megavideo/putlocker/videobb directly from the ps3 browser.
  3. As long as your wireless or ethernet connection is strong you should be good. It may lag a little but that depends on the content. I never bothered using the ps3 browser to watch stuff on there. Other than youtube, that worked ok.
  4. thanks, hesitating :X

    is uncharted 3 worth getting if i just have a 2d tv?
  5. My little bro has a 3d tv and he has unchartered 3 but he hasnt played it on there. He' playing it on a 2d tv 42 inch 1080p and its fine. Why would it be different? Either you have 3d capability or not they aren't gonna make 3d only games and if you don't have 3D then it would still look the same.
  6. because uncharted 3 has 3d capabilities, so to make full use of the game id probably need a 3d tv right?

    and most of the reviews are probably based around the game being playing in 3d?
  7. Nope, reviews of the game will be general to gameplay and other things. Although you could find reviews for the people who played in 3d. To use the 3d feature yes, you do need a 3d tv, but its not recomended if you just want to play the game. To me, 3d is a gimmick, I don't really notice a big difference plus it gives me a headache.
  8. Some web sites block the PS3' web browser. You can't watch Hulu on the ps3 browser. At one time you could, but then hulu decided not to anymore.

    As for 3d, I think you can switch it on or off in the game options, but yes, you need a 3dtv to play in 3d.
  9. thanks a lot guys. ., hopefully it streams well, just gotta wait for a good deal now :P
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