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Gaming Headset for xBox 360

My husband is getting an xbox for Christmas. These are on sale at amazon and I can find no info on if they are compatible with xBox in the USB or analog version?

I believe he plans to run the xBox through the PC which is already connected to the TV but admittedly I know little about this stuff:(

Any help would be appreciated.

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    I use the Turtle Beach X11 and I love 'em. They're also compatible with PC.
  2. Agree, I also use Turtle Beach and for the price you really can't beat them. Those cheap one ear headsets that come with some Xbox's are just horrible.
  3. Yes Turtle Beach headsets are the best bang for your buck and best bang in performance. They have a large variety depending on how much you want to spend. I had the chance to test multiple headsets and review them...
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