Matsonic MS7191SM motherboard

Do all Matsonic motherboards suck, or is it just mine? My USB has never worked right and now it seems that a problem with my CDRW drive may be linked to this board???

<font color=red>all this HARDware nonsense is giving me a headache!</font color=red> :frown:
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  1. I hope they all dont suck.......ive just got one for a poota im building for my boss and im having problems too....ive posted a couple of times about it.

    Me not happy either.

    My brain is heading for meltdown.....need coffee :-)
  2. You should have buy a better mobo for your boss.
    To avoid getting fired :-p
  3. You're telling me :-P lmao
    I darent go to work 2moro now hehehe

    My brain is heading for meltdown.....need coffee :-)
  4. I have never recommended Matsonic.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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