Need for Speed: The Run (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]

Next up is Need for Speed: The Run, the game fully support multi-monitor resolutions out of the box and even has a centred HUD, however it appears the Frostbite engine is over doing the lighting flares and driving into the sun will reduce your visibility to about 10 meters in-front of you. I do have an extended version uploading atm but you tube doesn't appear to want to encode them at there 4k resolution anymore. Once again if your monitors width is larger than 1920 pixels and you have lots of bandwidth, set the quality to original and play the video in full screen for a much higher quality.

Direct Video Link: Need for Speed: The Run (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
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Copy paste of video description:

Need for Speed: The Run on the PC, Original resolution was 5040x1050 aspect ratio of (48:10). If you are running a resolution with a width higher then 1920 (30'' monitor or multi monitor) set quality to original and view in fullscreen.

This video shows gameplay from the very start of the race, to the end of the first part of the story. The video contains my normal annotations.
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  1. Nice! Can we have some specs and framerates please? :)
  2. Extended version is up and ready, and this time it encoded to its original resolution, which is leaving me scratching my head as to why the others didn't but anyway, can be found here:

    Need for Speed: The Run Extended (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]

    @PIZZA Man, game is locked to 30FPS, my computer spec (copy paste):
    Case: CoolMaster H.A.F. 932
    PSU: Corsair Memory 1200AX PSU
    Motherboard: EVGA ATX X58 SLi3
    CPU: Intel Core i7 920 D0 Step 2.66GHz @ 4.00GHz
    RAM: 12GB (2x(3x2GB)) Corsair Dominator GT, DDR3 PC3-12800(1600) @ 1527MHz
    Graphics: 3x Asus Radeon HD6950, Flashed and Clocked to 6970
    HDD C: 500GB (1x Seagate 500GB SATA II 7200RPM) [OS/Programms]
    HDD D: 1TB (2x Seagate 500GB SATA II 7200RPM) [Games]
    HDD Z: 500GB (Seagate 500GB SATA II 7200RPG) [Files]
    HDD F: 4TB (2x Seagate 2TB SATA III 7200RPG) [Recordings]
    Displays: 3x Samsung SyncMaster 2043BW 20'' (1680x1050)
    Mouse: Razer Naga
    Keyboard: Logitech G19
    Joystick: Saitek X52 Pro
    Wheel: Logitech Driving Force GT
    OS: Vista Home Premium 64bit
  3. I have one word to say. Jealousy. Alas, if a humble man like myself could afford to build a rig like that... I'm hoping that when I finish my website it'll generate enough extra income for me to more fully pursue my favorite hobby :)

    Those screens are amazing btw! A good reminder of all that you miss when you're only using one screen. The game locks it at 30FPS though eh? I have a feeling anyone with a 3D setup isn't gonna like that. I'm sure the great gaming community will find a way to unlock the frames however, seems like they always find a way to get their way ;)
  4. Though its beautiful on 3 screens, I've come to realise why I was getting beat badly by the a.i. after days and days struggling to pass a stage.. it seems to have a major programming flaw where you can't reach top speeds in eyefinity. That has angered me a great deal, where i thought after so much frustration that I'm just not good at this game, having switched it to 1 screen, the difference in speed is huge. Example, top speeds reached in eyefinity was roughly 245kms.. compared to roughly 320kms on one screen. Thus the game is technically unplayable.. a shame really, its gorgeous on 3 screens.. ill also note that the sun glare, possibly due to the fov, is very bad on same stages.
  5. Completed the run on NORMAL mode - no problems
    they I changed PC and set up eyefinity - 3 screens , based on Radeon HD6990.
    The Picture quality is just beautiful, a shame there is no free roam.
    I would live just to drive from Golden Gate to New York just to enjoy the graphics.
    But that option does not exist.
    Instead I started the game in HARD mode and struggled on some stages with sun glare.
    On the last stage it was impossilbe to see anything in certain parts on the track and after many tries I gave up.
    Changed to 1 screen setup and - gone where the sun glare problems.
    Completed the run as winner on HARD.
    Now it is time for next level...
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