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Hi all. I'm wondering either to get Battlefield 3 or MW3 for PC... i was going to get both but then i found out there is already a ton of hackers on both games and it would be a waste of money. I'm not sure which has more, but that's irrelevant. Which should i go about spending 65 bucks on? Id like to hear from people that have played both games as I think your comments will be most helpful. Don't just say you prefer one over the other because your biased :p Thanks :D
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  1. Battlefield 3 all the way, the multiplayer is very good, the texture in the game is amazing, the game is so realistic, maps are HUGE. The only down part for bf3 is the campaign, it could be very difficult.. MW3 has a much better campaign, but the multiplayer is horrible. The maps are even smaller than black ops, and sniping is pretty much gone.
    Here is a list: things that are the same in all modern daycare.
    * Graphics engine
    * Physics engine
    * Sound engine
    * Story line
    * Guns
    * Hackers
    * Campers
    * HUD
    * UI
    * Player animations
    * Still no vehicles
  2. i think battlefield 3 is super.....!!!
  3. Go with BF3. Definitely.
  4. Battlefield 3. Better all around except campaign the COD one is really good this time but multiplayer is a joke :(
  5. I have both and at first i champoined MW3 but it turns out that after less than a month there are more cheats in the game now than legit layers and they havnt stopped much of nothing yet. Worse yet the spawn point system is even worse than before. Its common to spawn in front of the guy that just killed you 5+ times in a row, dead before you can move.
  6. Played both .. Both are awesome games ...

    Battlefield 3 :

    Better graphics than MW3
    Simple story.
    Short Single player campaign ..
    Campaign mode starts with a Bang ..

    MW3 :

    Decent graphics but not upto the mark of battlefield 3.. (BF3 graphics was awesome , no doubt)
    Single player campaign is better in MW3 than BF3
    More cinematic sequence in campaign mode , which keeps you entertained. ( MW3 wins here surely )
    Campaign mode starts somewt slowly but once it picked up its pace , thr s no stopping ... ;)

    Its just my opinion .. Overall i liked both.... But my vote goes for MW3 ... bcoz its just me ... ;)
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