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Skyrim ps3 lag

hey everyone i bought skyrim on 11/11/11 (day it came out) and palyed it had fun for first couple of hours it was fine a tad bit laggy but i was ok with that but now its lagging to the point of unplayability and crashes all the time i payed 60 bucks for it and cant even paly it im sick of this ebgames wont take it back even a day after and now its a used game going down in value i payed for and cant play i didnt like the game to much before but i was guna break it in and now i cant even go and explore or play it! im so mad this only happens for ps3 as far ad i know and some stupid crap about save file size is going around the net im sick of this and i will not turn my ps3 o nand off to play btw if it helps i have a 2nd gen ps3 or fat model before the slim came out im pissed with sonyy already because my 1st gen broke and they wouldnt fix after i paid them to fix and it broke again...sorry going on a rant anyway anyone able to help?
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    I believe that the problem you are having needs to be patched, it happens when the save file gets to 8mb apparently.

    They are working on a patch for the issue, just gotta wait it out.
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