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BF3 low FPS, tried everything

Hi everyone,

First, let me tell you what my PC specs are:

i7 2600
8 GB ram
AMD 6950 2GB
Windows 7 64bit

I am getting at an average of 40-50 fps in BF3 MP mode. But here is the strange part, for some odd reason, as soon as FPS hits 60 at some areas of the map, it just goes back and forth from 59-60 or 58-60.... It seems like its not allowed to get past 60 fps. Its driving me nuts.

I maxed out everything with AA off as well as motion blur off. If I turn the AA on, it gets no more than 50 fps if that.

My resolution is set on 1920x1080. Here is something I should mention, my PC is hooked to my 720p Samsung 3D TV through HDMI.

How is it that people with the same or even slightly lower specs get everything maxed out at 60+ fps but I can't?

Also, does it matter that my desktop resolution is 1360x768 while my game is at higher resolution?

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,
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  1. Firstly 720p native res is 1280x720, secondly when is 58fps a bad thing?
  2. turn the res down, see what happens :)
  3. metroidprime said:
    Firstly 720p native res is 1280x720, secondly when is 58fps a bad thing?

    Hey thanks for the reply, but again, why should I have to lower the resolution when there are people with the same specs having no problem with it?

    As for my TV, regardless of the native res, I still am able to play in 1080 resolution. Actually, I turned down the video settings from Ultra to high. Guess what happened? The average fps is around 55-60 now, so slightly higher. Even when i turned down the settings, my fps still won't crack past 60. WHY? And yes, 58 is a great fps rate, but I still would like to know why cant it go over 60?

    I will lower the resolution as you had mentioned, but I am sure it won't go over 60+ fps.
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    Maybe the reason your FPS do not go over 60fps is because maybe you have VSYNC on? which limits the fps to the refresh rate of your screen. Im not sure, just a suggestion.
  5. As iGGY says above, check vsync isn't on in game and/or it isn't forced on in the catalyst control centre. Normally you'll see the FPS jump between 60/59/58 etc if it's enabled.
    You can try lowering the res, but if vsync is on it will never go above 60fps.
  6. what the guys above said, vsynce synchronises the fps and limits it to your refresh rate, eg my monitor=60hz, so max real fps is 60
  7. Hmmm... I will have to definately try this. I will let you know.

    Everyone, thank you for your support.
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