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Forcing Games to use more RAM

Hey there, this has been something I've wondered about for a while now.

Think of when you're playing a game, and you can see stuff "Pop In" like grass or anything else that loads as you get closer to it. It's sort of obvious why games do this, it would use a lot of ram to load in all the textures, grass, etc... It usually loads once you're a certain distance from it. Some games aren't as bad as others.

But I was thinking... I have 24GB of RAM, why not have it load everything? I use around 3-4GB of RAM while playing a game. I'd love to have my games use more of the ram.

But, maybe its loading all that onto VRAM? Maybe it's the 2GB on my card that is storing all that information? I'm not sure how this works, is it the VRAM or the RAM that is storing all the textures in game as you run by?

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Intel Core i7 Extreme 6 Core, 12 with HT OC'd @ 4.1GHz
2x Nvidia GTX560ti 2GB OC'd @ 1.0GHz
24GB DDR3 1600 OC'd @ 1866Mhz
1000W PSU
2x Intel SSD's RAID 0
2x Seagate 500GB HDD's RAID 0
3x 27" Acer LED Displays @ 5760x1080
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  1. Textures are loading into the VRAM on the video card.
  2. jaguarskx said:
    Textures are loading into the VRAM on the video card.

    Okay, so what's using 4GB of ram? Everything not visual?
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    You can actually use "large address aware" to help with this issue. A lot of games unfortunately only use 2 gigs of ram and will not use more due to them being ported from consoles and then scaled up. Here's the link :
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