Can i run skyrim

so i was wondering if i can run skyrim even on low iv been told i could,couldent,on ultra (highly doubtful) on medium i just want a straight forward answer if possible :)

specs are nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430
intergrated RAMDAC
approx total memory 2280
amd athlon IIX2 235e (2 cpus) 2.7 GHz
6144MB ram

if i left somthing out lemme know :)
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  1. Your CPU is okay-ish, but your GPU most definitely isn't.

    Try getting a 5770 or 6770 if you can, along with a good PSU.

    I recommend this card:

    And this power supply:

    Bethesda games don't take much to run at all. As long as you aren't trying to crank up serious anti aliasing or anything, these should set you just fine.

    If you ever get the chance though, you should definitely try getting a better CPU, like an Athlon II X4 or Phenom II X4 or X3.
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