Dual proc RAID AMD board?

Well it's time for a new computer. Anyone have any suggestions. My main activities at the moment are MMORPG games, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, etc. The system will be mainly for gaming. Things I would like ...
Dual Processor
RAID (for performance)

Price is always a consideration, but not primary.
My main questions are:
Does anyone know if there is a Dual processor and RAID AMD mboard?
Also where are places to find good deals? Anything other than pricewatch, cyberpowerinc, neocomputer?

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  1. No, at least not yet. If you want RAID on a Windows 2k or XP Professional, take a look at Tom's reveiw of <A HREF="http://www4.tomshardware.com/howto/01q3/010906/index.html" target="_new">software RAID</A>. With a dual processor system, widows 2000, and a few IDE controllers, you can construct a RAID array for a whole lot less than an integrated RAID MB, with little drop in Preformance.

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  2. hey-
    was wondering, could you buy me a new pair of shoes, umm i saw this really cool gold watch i would like. hmm, and maybe a pony too? i was just asking cause from your post it seems you don't mind giving money away. thanks
    oh, but a few questions. i was wondering if you could answer them for me.
    1. what advantage does dual cpu's have over single cpu as far as gaming?
    2. raid? i would go scsi
    3. 1gb ram? i'd make it 1.5gb
    thanks, i'm sure you can answer all these, seeing that i don't play games. thanks again.

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  3. SCSI? That's about as bad as RAID as far as Price goes, and probably not quite as good in performance.

    However, a single SCSI drive is more secure than a RAID 0 array.

    If you want speed and security, I'd recomend the Promise IDE Raid controler add on card. it runs RAID 0+1 (Striping and Mirroring) at abotu the same speed as RAID 0 (Striping), and is much more secure. Unfortuantely, that is an expensive route to go, but if you want secure data, then it's the way to go.

    A Dual CPU system will let you run more background programs while gaming without it effecting performance. However, the Athlon MP processors run $50-100 more than the equivilent XPs, and if you're going to go dual CPU, you should get the MP.

    1 GB of Ram should be enough. I'd recomend getting 2 512 Registered ECC sticks. They're a bit slower than non-ecc, but they're great for data security, and probably run better in OCing because of that(This is a guess).

    I think the ASUS Dual CPU board will be coming out with onboard RAID as an option, not sure.

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  4. oh i'm sorry, you took that post seriously? i guess i should lay on the sarcasm a tad more next time. the only way you're gonna see performance boost from dual cpu's and 1gb of ram for gaming would be having those plugged in for spare parts, incase a stick of ram or a cpu fries. i don't know if i find it funny or sad (the jury is still out). i feel like matisaro with the heatsink explanations. 1gb of ram is ridiculous for a gaming machine. you will not see no increase in performance from 1gb of ram over 512mb of ram, unless you are utilizing that 1gb of ram. and i know i'm not a gamer but i don't think even the latest games are requiring that much memory to run good on. and for running background apps while playing games, like what? not to mention the only way you would take advantage of 2 cpu's while gaming/running background apps is by going and manually assigning each process to each cpu. and if someone wants top performance out of a game, why would you run apps in the background in the first place? obviously if their using cpu power, their going to be going to the harddrive, ya that's what i want, my hdd being accessed by background apps while i'm playing a game. ah, and raid. hmm, well what do you expect to gain from a couple of drives in raid over a couple hdd's in non-raid for games? i know ata100/7200rpm drives are inadequate now-a-days. i don't know even for intense content creation (3d modeling/animation/rendering/video editing/graphic design) dual cpu's ain't worth it anymore. not how prices are today. for the price of a good dual cpu system, i know i could put 2 good seperate computers together, and 2 comps would outperform a dual cpu system anyday.
    ps. where do people keep getting this info lately that you need a dual cpu system in order to get good perform for regular usage?

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  5. Thanks for the replies. The current game I play goes to the hdd a lot, so, I'm thining that raid 0 will speed up that data transer. The game takes up about 1GB of space. Also, more memory means more cached info right, so it won't have to go to the hdd to get the info. And memory is so cheap atm, why not add an extra 512?
    Dual processor; doesn't having 2 processors improve overall performance? because you have 2 doing the job instead of one? You know what nevermind, I just realized the only time 2 will help is when one is at 100% then another will help, but CPU's rarely get to 100% utilization. - Duh
    I will still probably get a raid board/card just for the additional IDE devices allowed, (forgot to put that in the first post. I would like to be able to have more than 4 IDE devices.) Unless I can get it for a lot cheaper without raid.

    I'm just tired of putting along on my 200MMX that I've had for 5/6 years :)

  6. first, dual cpu's only come into play when not only the OS recognizes them, but the software itself does. hardly ANY games, if any will recognize 2 cpus and utilize them. and the only way you would get 2 different apps each one using one cpu is going in and manually assigning each process to each cpu. there is no game that wouldn't perform exellent on 256mb ram, let alone 512mb. if you go with 1gb, i will almost guarantee you will not see any performance boost over 512mb. just because something takes up 1gb of space on the harddrive doesn't mean that's how much memory it consumes. look at OSes. for my windows 2000 fresh install, it takes about 1.2gb of space. but it certainly does not need 1.2gb of memory to run. or q3 for example. the pak file alone is 500mb, then with updates, mods, etc, it's probably close to 700mb or so of space it's taking up. but you certainly do not need 700mb of ram to play it. when i played it i set memory for it up at 128mb, and get top performance. a regular hdd on a regular, non-raid, channel has a sustained transfer rate of 36-40mb/s, that is plenty for any game. where 2 hdd's in a raid0 config usually go about 39-43. i mean if it's really just your desire to get a dual cpu system w/raid/1gb, go for it. but i don't know too many people that willingly go and spend money on things they won't actually use. like i said before, if doing other things (encoding dvds, etc) while playing a game is something you want to do. you could easily buy enough hardware to setup 2 kickass machines for the price of one dual system, and get clearly more performance.

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  7. Dear Cory, the Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW will support RAID 0, 1, 0+1,although I have not seen it available yet, and possibly the ASUS A7M266-D, also not out quite yet. As far as "mbetea's" contention that you could build two fast systems for the same price, show me the numbers! A Tyan Tiger dual
    AMD board sells for just over $200.00, not much more than many Single boards. So for the price of an additional CPU/HSF you can buy another system? Please post again with the name of your retailer, I'd love some of that action!
  8. $200.00 for a dual cpu mobo is not much more than a single cpu mobo? i have to say please give me some of the crack you have, because it's obviously better than the stuff i smoke. you should try and check out pricewatch.com or your math before posting. here is just a quick rundown of prices for mobo/cpu(s)/ram for the configs:
    -=dual mp1800=-
    2x mp1800: $518
    dual tyan mobo: $202
    registered pc2100 512mb: $116
    <b>total: $836</b>
    -=2 rigs=-
    2x xp1900: $480
    2x ecs k7s5a: $106
    2x 512mb pc2100: $180
    <b>total: $766 </b>
    or if you want instead of the k7s5a, lets put a little better performing mobos in there: shuttle ak31, which brings the total for 2 systems to:
    well i stand corrected. it's not for the same price, it's lower, i apologize. even the best performing single cpu boards out now are at least $50 less, the gigabyte board i have (ga-7vtx-p) is great, and for $100 less than a dual board.

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  9. #1) Decide if you really want an SMP board. As others have already pointed out, it won't speed up your games much.

    #2) If you do want an SMP board decide why you want it. If you want it for the bragging rights, get an AMD system. If you want it to run multi-threaded applications in a stable environment, then spend the extra $$$ to get an intel system. (Poke around <A HREF="http://www.2cpu.com" target="_new">http://www.2cpu.com</A> and you'll see what I mean)

    #3) A fast, stable, SMP board will not have IDE RAID on board. Why? Because if you pay for that kind of a board in the first place it would be silly not to pay for SCSI as well. Besides, IDE RAID on a PCI card works just fine, and you can move the card to another computer later.

    If you want some serious SMP power try a:
    - SuperMicro P3TDE6-G ($600)
    - Dual Tualatin 1.2GHz 512k ($700)
    - 1GB registered CL2.5 ECC SDRAM ($200)

    (And that has onboard dual channel U160 SCSI)

    - JW
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