New harddrive for my notebook

Well, the current harddrive seems to be clicking a lot, perhaps its time is up. So I've been thinking about getting a new harddrive.
I've got a NEC versa P440, which came with a drivers CD and a bootup floppy it seems.

To setup a new harddrive, is it as simple as plugging in the new drive, booting up with the floppy (the floppy drive is an external USB one), and then getting drivers off the drivers CD?
(Don't want to use the recovery thing, since the drive is about dead and I want to use a new OS).

Any tips? Thanks!
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  1. The laptop should have come with some sort of restore cds or an os disc. Once you put in a new hard drive you will need to reinstall windows on it using either a regular windows disc or a restore disc. You might need the driver cd once windows is installed on it.
    Make sure you backup anything you want off the old hard drive before replacing it :)

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