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hi all, when i decided to try w7 rc i put it in a dual boot situation with my xp machine on a 160 gb hard drive. today i decided that i was getting rid of the xp partition because i have been liking w7 so much, but ran into some problems. i'm not sure if i took the proper route in trying to delete a partition that was used in a dual boot situation but this is what i did.
first i tried to format the xp partition (d) from w7 but didn't work. then i went into disk management and tried to delete volume but that didn't work either. both were denied by windows even though i am logged on as administrator. then i figured 'what the heck' and figured i'd just delete the contents of the drive manually. got rid of almost everything on the partition except for a couple of folders containg 7 or 8 adobe files. they will not delete at all for some reason, even though i am the admin on the computer. also, i still cannot format the partition or delete volume from disk management.
anyone know what i can do to delete this volume so it can merge with c? help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    Boot to your Win 7 DVD and either delete or reformat the XP partition from there. Don't boot all the way to the OS. Or you can use Partition magic or other 3rd party product.
  2. thanks, worked with the w7 dvd.
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