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I would like to get a few opinions from people using the AMD Athlon chip on what they think is the best mobo for the money. My friend swears I should get an Iwill board and I just don't know enough about hardware yet to contest his opinion--maybe I don't need to?

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  1. The new Iwill board looks promising, but I would wait for reviews before getting it. If you don't want to wait, I recommend the shuttle ak31 version 3.1 ($80 newegg) as a fast and cheap solution. With 6 pci slots, 4 ddram slots, and plenty of overclocking settings in the bios, this board has everything most people need except raid. And at this price, you could get a nicer video card or raid controller card if needed. I've had mine about a month, and really like it. Games run faster when the memory timings are set properly.
  2. I just bought another Abit KT7A-RAID, it's a great board, one of the best before DDR came out. I also have one of these so called great board Asus A7M266.DDR, but it doesn't play my UT very good, so I don't like it, out side of that not one problem. I don't know if it's a Nvida thing, or the 751 chip, or DDR or the person running it. I have a list of things I want, and I'll try another DDR mobo down the road, but this time around Asus and the 751 chip are out of my sight. Win98se

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  3. Thanks for suggesting that mobo. I've done some review searching and it seems to get great reviews.

    <font color=red>all this HARDware nonsense is giving me a headache!</font color=red> :frown:
  4. Just to give you more to think about, I'm settling in my new Epox 8KHA+ at the moment and am very happy with it. There are lots of reviews of other components around like Graphics cards and CPUs &c that use the Epox as a base board for the reviews too. Good manual and support at the website looks good too. I've also heard good things about all the others being mentioned in here as well.

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  5. I'd second o1die's opinion. I have the Shuttle board as well and couldn't be happier. It seems to get overlooked a lot, which is a shame. I switched from an Asus A7M266 and am glad that I did.

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