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Skyrim performance issues

i've been playing a lot of skyrim lately, awesome game by the way but i've had some performance issues. when i go to certain areas of the cities (usually high places where i can see a lot of the city) my framerate down from 60 into the high 40's, i play with a 360 controller so the framerate drop feels much worse than it actually is. it only does it in cities, and rarely in caves, it usually doesn't do it if i'm just roaming around outside. its not a framerate spike, where the framerate drops for a split second then resumes to normal, my framrate will stay down until i look a different direction or go somewhere else. if i turn down shadows this seems to help the problem a bit so that's what i've been doing, but what i don't understand is why i'm having these issues to begin with. i built my pc about 2 months ago and i had skyrim in mind. i've read that skyrim is very cpu dependent so I've been watching my performance monitor in the task manager and it says my system is not being stressed. my cpu usage on each core stays around 45% and it seems to be spreading it pretty evenly through all of my cores. i use msi afterburner for my video card and according to that i never get above 60% gpu usage either and its using around 700mb of my 1280mb of vram. im running the latest nvidia beta driver 285.79. it doesn't really bother me all that much, i've just been wondering if this is a normal problem people are having or if something else is going on with my system. any help is much appreciated.

system specs:
intel i5 2500k OC to 4.2 ghz
gigabyte windfore x3 gtx 570 video card
8gb 1600mhz kingston hyper x ram
gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3 motherbaord
haf x case
windows 7 64bit OS
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    @mike1123 You are doing a whole lot better then the majority of folks trying to play Skyrim. I've compiled all the tweaks/fixes/enhancements here. Hope it's useful to you or someone you know who is having problems. :>
  2. thanks! i will be trying those. i didnt know so many people were having these issues
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