need advice on this...

some input would be great. I have the A7V paired with a radeon 32ddr. Now I'm just itchin' to get the radeon 8500 but will putting this new video card on the A7V be hampered by SDRAM or maybe some other things I dont know about? Should I upgrade mobo before getting it?
thank you kind sirs and sir-ets.

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  1. A new video card should extend the lifespan of your current computer, as well as allow you to not have to upgrade it later. Your processor is effected more by your Ram than your Video card, especialy if it has a large ammount of ram (64+)

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  2. uh well what CPU and how much ram do u have?

    install the card and see how it goes first, if you want yet more power, upgrade mobo and get DDR, maybe a faster CPU...and then theres always more ways to upgrade - theres ALWAYS more things to upgrade, it never ends. see if you like what you got and upgrade only if its needed :)

    I suppose you could get 256mb DDR and a KT266A for what, $150 (i only look at UK prices)?, so if the money is burning a hole...

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  3. specs:
    1200 t-bird
    386mb PC133

    and thanks for the input guys I'm drooling over that KT266a. Time to crack open the money vault.

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  4. ATI?? Come on.. ATI just plain suck! They write drivers that never work.. Always some problems.. and they update them every 12 months..
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  5. uh in the Graphics Card forum theres a big fight between GeForce3 and ATI 8500, people getting upset. which is really quite amusing in quite a sad way. both boards fantastic and more than anyone actually needs right now, and new ATI drivers out (not read about them tho). personally i got GF3Ti200 if it ever arrives, if id had more money it would have been a stinker of a decision between GF3Ti500 and ATI 8500. well not that stinky since its a rare "fantastic Vs fabulous" decision. and actually i refuse to spend that amount of money on... er you get the idea.

    [edit: re-reading the post, is someone actually saying dont bother getting a 8500, get a GeForce2 GTS instead?? uh ok]

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