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Can I max settings for Skyrim?

I was wondering if my laptop would be able to run on max settings or at least look better on the PC than on the Xbox 360.
*Intel Core i7-2720QM CPU @2.20GHZ
*ATI Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics
supports DirectX11
*Over 450 GB left on hard drive
Also, Since my computer has HDMI port, would there be any problems concerning gaming or any other problems if I hooked my laptop up to my TV?
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    Which Radeon is it? You do meet the other requirements just fine. I think you should be able to do high/ultra but not everything on max. As for the TV, that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. The Radeon is HD 6570. Would the high/ultra settings look better than if I played on the Xbox 360?
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  4. yes alot better than xbox. but the 6570 is a weak card. you might be able to get high-ultra but No AA.

  5. 6570 is what you would call a mainstream video card. It's one of those cards best suited for multimedia usage and light gaming. My gf uses a Radeon 5670 1 gig DDR5 card which is practically the same thing but 80 less shaders then the 6570. It runs Skyrim perfectly fine 1920x1080, everything on high except decals on ultra, shadow medium, 2xAA, 8xAF. Your computer will absolutely look better then it does on xb360.
    I started a thread with a bunch of tweaks/fixes/enhancements. You are welcome to try those also.
  6. zrivs said:
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    nlarge address aware
    nThe above app will allow you to use more then 2 gigs of ram in Skyrim. Skyrim by default only allows usage of 2 gigs of ram. You have 6 gigs of ram in your system so this will definitely smooth out your Skyrim gameplay.
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