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On all modern motherboards the isa slot is starting to disappear.
And all the reviewers seem to agree that one is better off.
I would like to hold to one isa slot for the odd card you have doing a jop you have difficulties finding a more modern card.
I have an interface for stepping drives, a multi(24)com port, an interface to simulate an older type of industriel control, different interfaces to measuring equipment and so on and on.
I know you can always keep the old computer and network with your new one.
But instead of the strange slots like AMR i would like one isa on my new computer.
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  1. there is a couple out on the newest chipsets (amd anyway, havent looked at intel ones) that have an ISA slot. cant remember which boards they are (sorry), but theyre here. ISA is mainly just on old modems and soundcards, which most people want to replace (or can get equally good on-board) so for most people it is a good thing. maybe theres some PCI card that is for conntcing ISA cards into PCI slot, i dunno.

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  2. Abit KT7a, that's about the only board that'll fit for you. That's AMD though, dont' know about P3 (P4?) boards that have ISA slots.

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  3. I heard ISA slot slows down the overall system performance. Is that true?
  4. Tyan has a single ISA on some of their newer models. I own two of their (good performing) Tomcats' but I was unable to get an answer to any of my tech support questions, I won't buy any of their product(s).
    If you plan on buying the MB and CPU at the same time there is/was an Asus with two ISA.
    Try here
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