MW3 reboots computer mid-game

Hey guys. I'm feeling a little helpless, thought I'd ask the opinion of others.

I just built a new system (don't think specs should matter in solving this issue, but I'll put them at the end just in case). I recently installed MW3 via Steam. The computer0 crashes - at the same point in Single player or 5-10 minutes into multiplayer. There's no blue screen. The computer just restarts. It's almost as if the plug is being pulled.

Now, for trying to provide information to eliminate some probable causes:

Other games: I've played BF3 for several hours at a time on this rig, also Crysis 2, MoH, among others. No issues.
CPU/GPU temperature: Not an issue. MW3 seems to be less demanding than the previously mentioned games. I track and log them. CPU maxes at 55C, GPU at 65C (i5-2500K and GTX570)
Power Supply: 700W. Admit it's on the low end, however, more than 100W above recommended PSU from graphics card manufacturer. Plus, I don't have any issues with other, more computationally intensive games.
Drivers: All up to date.
Stress Tests: I've run a memory stress test using all available RAM for two hours. Also Prime95. Then both at same time. No issues.
Overclocking: I don't do it.

Any thoughts? Anyone else experience this on any game? Not many hits on the Google for this occurring for MW3. I admit, the symptom points at a hardware issue, however, the performance for other more intensive games and stress tests really appears to invalidate that.

Windows 7 Professional x64
Gigabyte GTX 570 (factory OC version)
Thermaltalk 700W PSU (56A combined +12V over 4 rails)
MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3) Mobo
2x4GB G.Skill 1600 RAM
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  1. go to control panel > system > advanced system settings > startup and recovery settings... > uncheck "automatically restart" under system failure

    if it's not unchecked you won't see a blue screen, it'll just reboot.

    what HDD setup are you using? I've some RAIDs cause issues.
    try running scan disk and also try repairing the game cache from steam

    can you check that the PSU is working properly (fan spinning, exhaust temp)

    That's it for now. I have to say it's really strange, since you have a monster rig. Hopefully you can find something.
  2. I must say this:

    Here are a couple of things I did.
    1) Reinstall game. This also appeared to reinstall DirextX.
    2) In NVidia control pannel, I set 3D settings to Application Controlled. They were set to Advanced.
    3) I unchecked "automatically restart" per the above, expecting a crash.

    I haven't played much yet, as I just got home from work and haven't eaten dinner, but I at least got past the one place the game always decided to crash. Will report back if problem persists, or if it's fixed. I know there are others out there with same issues.
  3. Nope. Game still crashes. And, no BSoD, even with the option of "automatically restart" turned off.

    SSD+HDD, neither set to RAID. In IDE mode.

    PSU temps normal, fan working properly.

    Thanks for the input AntiZig. I'll continue fussing around...
  4. Just to make matters worse, I tried Black OPs -- Same issue. NOt an issue with BF3, MoH. I don't get it.
  5. shouldn't the SSD be in AHCI?
  6. Thanks guys for your input. Even though I said power supply was fine, it was not. I'm guessing that because its +12V was split over four rails, one of the rails was overloaded when the system drew too much power. I bought a new single rail PSU, with similar wattage (750W for new vs. 700W for old) and the problem went away. Strange, MW3, Black Ops, etc overdrew system power when BF3 did not. This puzzles me quite a bit.
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