Asus A7V KT133 200Mhz FSB and max CPU speed

Do anyone know what max prosessor speed on this MB is?

I am currently using an 800Mhz Duron @1Gig but like to buy the fastes athlon that this MB will work with. I won't bother to overclock it.

The Asus pages says 1.2 Ghz, but I wondered if it would take a 1.3 Ghz with 200Mhz FSB.

And a second question, If need be can I run an Athlon with 266 FSB on my MB if I set the board frequenzy to 133Mhz or will this possibly cause problems with other components?
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  1. By updating the BIOS to ver1007, it supports the Athlon XP processor. If you set the FSB to 133MHz, it's divider of 4 for an FSB over 120 sets the PCI Bus to 33MHz. So, you won't be overclocking any components. The memory is asynchronous to the CPU FSB, so you can set that separate. (Did that last part sound right?)

    Anyways, go get that Athlon XP with no worries...

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  2. I upgraded my BIOS to A7V1009.AWD which updated the CPU CLK Multiplier, and I have been running the 1.33GHz FSB 266MHz in it since the processor was released. It soars and is overclockable to 1.7 GHz and more, depending on version of board, CPU, Memory, cooling, and most important voltage modify to 2.32v, oh and some BIOS tweaks. This board has potential of going over 2GHz CPU.

    Take your time in purchasing the CPU/heatsink, prices are dropping!!!
  3. Man Corinthian, feel free to check your posts... :smile:

    I can't believe I screwed up thinking you had an A7V133. Sorry, man. Anyways, go with KingShip's advice, since he has it. Since it supports a 133 FSB, maybe you could get a 1.4GHz 266FSB T-Bird. I'm not sure if it supports an Athlon XP, though.

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  4. Just a note to you, and all those curious about which processor, you can install on A7V.

    With BIOS Version A7V1008 or A7V1009.awd(A7V ver 1.04), and unlocking the Athlon XP 1600 (1.4GHz)which you can get for $113.00 at You need to unlock it first, article at Tom's Hardware about how to in depth at, then off you go.

    Unless you have little to no knowledge about unlocking AMD's CPU's, and or you don't have a steady hand, and a good eye. I wounldn't try to unlock the Athlon XP CPU's.

    Fortunately, I purchased back in 09/2001, the Athlon TB 1.33GHz FSB266, unlocked(AYHJA 0120SPAW). I put it in, and booted up the system, with no involved work.

    Recently, purchased Athlon XP 1600 FSB266. And needed no engineering, or technical work, to boot up, BUT unlocking L1 bridges on chip.

    Oh, GOOD COOLING, AND make sure you have the latest drivers for motherboard, video, sound, etc. And if your running Win XP need to get a file called - Q306458_WxP_SP1_x86_enu.exe. I already had it installed when i put the Athlon XP 1600 in the A7V.

    Make sure before you install the CPU, that you updated everything first BIOS, mobo, video, and that CPU is unlocked, and on your way you go. I haven't tried oc the CPU, it's fast for this mobo.

    I BELIEVE - Asustek designed this mobo with support for future AMD CPU's. It has POTENTIAL

    Helpful article

    Later KingShip

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