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hey, ive just bought skyrim and every time i get into the actuall game playing the graphics go to shitttt and you cant see a thing. whats wrong????

here are my specs!!

direct x 11
windows 7 home premium ( 64 bit)
intel core 3.1ghz
intel graphics media accelorater hd

can anyone tell me if there having the same problem and how too fix it??
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  1. You will need a graphics card.

    get a gtx560ti or better and a 600 watt or better PSU as the one you have is most likely not going to supply enough power. I recommend corsair and EVGA.

    oh, and what processor is that exactly? i3? i5?
  2. its an i3 processor
  3. ok, should be fine for skyrim. Just needs the card and the PSU to power the card.

    Just in case, maybe check your PSU and see what it outputs on the +12v rail if its 38amp it will be fine for the 560ti easily. If not you may need the new PSU
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