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I am having a problem with the Jumper settings for the motherboard. Every time I set them to 133mhz the system crashes as windows xp stars. It come up with the message MACHINE_CHECK_ERROR. If i don't set it to 133 then it only runs at 1.1 Ghz as opposed to 1.47. Does anybody have any ideas?

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  1. That's all I have is ideals. Assuming your mobo will support XP1700. Check all your setting using the manual. Can you get into BIOS to make sure it's set up right, default should work. Do you have any other hardware like none XP CPU, mobo and another OS to try. It would be a good way to trouble shoot the problem. Is your power supply at least 300 watts? I would guess it's the mobo, I think some mobo are having trouble with XP CPU. Good Luck

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  2. I've got a similar setup except I've just got the 1600XP Athlon. I've had no probs. Got the FSB set at 133 and Windows XP seems very happy. I'm currently running burnin and diag progs just to poke around, but haven't broken anything yet. What kind of RAM do you have? Have you used something like MBM to keep an eye on temp and voltage? You'll also need a decent cooler too.

    Just random thoughts.

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  3. Set the jumper to 100. Use the BIOS to run the machine at whatever FSB you can achieve.
    The jumper is only for POST, then the BIOS takes over. I got my jumper set to 100, and the BIOS set to 150. my 8kha+ is runnung at 150, as per the BIOS.
  4. Hi,

    Tried that, but the same thing happens.

    Cheers anyway
  5. Do you using a good enough power supply? It should be an AMD recommended one.
    Do you have enough cooling? Not just heatsinkfan, case air flow important too.
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