Stuck at 192000 hz Sample Rate

Hello, thanks for looking at my thread.

I've recently bought Skyrim and I can't even play it because the audio is messed up. I go into control panel, sound, click the device, go to advanced, and whatever I change my sampling rate to it says the format is not supported by the device. I use a creative sound titanium professional card. I figure such a card would be able to play any rate, in any bit. But I am stuck at 24 bit, 192000 hz. I even hit the default format of 24 bit, 48000 hz and press ok, says format not supported by the device. Is that really true or what is going on?
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  1. This topic has been moved from the section Windows 7 to section Video Games by Area51reopened
  2. Hey, well I kinda feel this is a general problem, so why did you move it, the reason I am wanting to change the sampling rate is because the game doesn't support 192000 hz, and I am unable to change sample rate in windows 7.
  3. Have you tried a different OS?
  4. As in running the game in a different OS? No, seeing as I don't have any other. I know Windows 7 can run games in other ones when its needed, but I never ran into this problem so no idea how to even use it.
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