Need help skyrim 6850 lag

Here is my setup.
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055t stock
GPU: ATi HD 6850
RAM: 4GB ( Not Certain what kind )
HDD: 500GB (Not sure of RPM, or Brand)
MOBO: Asus 890gx
windows 7 64bit

im getting terrible lag on my setup, skyrim auto sets graphics to high settings and i get mainly 15-30fps (with drops to 6 fps in some sequences) in fraps.
my brother has the same setup but a 5850 and he is running it on ultra everything maxed out and getting smooth 30-40fps.

I have tried updating my catalyst drivers, the ENB thing, large address aware and setting my priority of skyrim in task manager to high.

Nothing has really changed except when i set the priority to high which gives me a minuscule improvement 5fps max.

please help me i wanna play this game! (smooth)

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  1. I need help with this as well!!!

    My setup is quite similar:
    AMD phenom II X4 955
    same gpu! (sapphire HD 6850- 1gb, gddr5)
    8gb ram (800mhz-CL4-Kingston HyperX)
    Samsung HDD 7200rpm
    Asus M3N78-CM
    w7 64bit

    auto set to high as well, latest drivers. HELP!
  2. Hi there. Try turning off vsync. If you've downloaded the Catalyst software, go to AMD VISION Engine Control Center. Go to Gaming, then 3D Application Settings. Scroll to the bottom and turn Vsync all the way off. If you can't see the Vsync option, press the Preferences button in the top right and click Advanced View.
  3. Turning v-sync off did hardly increase the performance, but thanks for the tip!

    However, I've talked to an expert, and he said my problem was the motherboard. It has an Nvidia chipset, which is considered a shitty chipset brand (just when it comes to chipsets) among people who know this stuff, according to him.

    So I have bought a new Mobo with an amd chipset, and now I'm waiting for new ram (ddr3). Hope it will work out for me.
    This is most likely not the problem you're having, Kieram, but I hope some other people out there will have use of this info.

    Your 6850 should not the problem (Skyrim doesn't require much from your GPU, and your CPU should be more than enough to handle it), maybe it's just the combination of all the parts?

    I hope this was helpful to anyone else having this problem :)
    (I had to correct my older post where I said that my ddr2 was the problem, but it wasn't...)
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