Anyone else had this problem in Skyrim?

Good afternoon fellow Geeks :hello:

Last night on Skyrim I was facing one of them Hag's and she used magic to shoot ice stalagmites looking things. One got stuck to me and they should just disappear after a short time but this one hasn't! Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas how to get rid of it without starting again? :fou:

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  1. visit a temple and get blessed at the blessing box thing? i've seen mine hang around for ages, perhaps it'll go when you level up?
  2. Just tried to get blessed and no luck. I'll try level up and see what happens. After that, I'll post it on here to say whether or not it worked.
  3. change armour?
  4. Tired changing armour and leveling up but nothing is working. I really don't want to start again over something like this. :|
  5. I'm out, there might be a command console command, but I don't see why there would be an AddIceSpike or DeleteIceSpike type command, what would be the point.

    do you have a save from before the hag?
  6. I don't have a save, no. :/

    I might have to deal with it. Or maybe one day something will come along and get will get rid of it.
  7. Never mind, it went on its own. Thanks for your help, 13thmonkey.
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