MSI Promise RAID 0 - disappointing speed

This is an MSI K7T Pro2 RU board:

At default settings in BIOS, and RAID 0 set to desktop, I can't exceed Sandra's 26500 mark. I'm using 2x IBM Deskstar 60GXP drives, which should theoretically give me at least 32000. Any tips on making this setup faster?
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  1. What operating system are you running, Windows 2000, xp nt 4 or linux? If you are running windows 2000, then go on microsoft's website and look for ATA 100 for windows 2000 and download the patch to enable ATA 100. If however you're drives aren't ATA 100 and only ATA 66, go to under their tweak guide and locate the windows 2000 hard drive tweak guide, then look in their guide for the ATA-66 registry patch, run that then reboot. If this doesn't solve the performance issue, might I suggest SCSI? :)
  2. Actually, I'm running Win ME, and these are ATA 100 Drives, which is why it's quite puzzling. Even the latest RAID drivers have been installed.
  3. Last I heard Windows ME is built on 9x technology, therefore incompatible with RAID or redundancy.
  4. I have Windows 98SE and using the same setup (MSI on Board Promise RAID 0, Desktop setting, same IBM drives)I managed to get Sandra scores over 40,000. See <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  5. have you disable system restore? What is your stripe size?

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