Skyrim - What view do you play in mostly?

Just curious what view everyone prefers to play in most of the time. I'm sure we all mix it up a bit. But I find myself playing mostly in First person view. What do you guys and ladies like to play in most of the time?

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  1. Full Thirdperson, No Clue Why.

  2. 3rd person. Mainly because when you perform a "cool: kill it looks a lot more epic in third person IMO.
  3. Both. When riding my horse I have no choice but to have third-person. When I'm running outside or swimming on top of the water I use third-person. When inside buildings and fighting I use first-person.
  4. 3rd person when exploring, 1st person when in combat.
  5. I play from the view of a guy desperately trying not to use his hard earned cash on Skyrim, because he has been saving those money for Batman Arkham City.

    Gief moar moneyz :cry:
  6. I don't have it yet, but in Oblivion I always use 1st person when I can - third person looks unnatural.

    Except in wide open areas when I need to see what is around me.
  7. FIRST
  8. Generally use 1st person for exploring etc. If I have a shield, I use 1st person so I can use it properly...if I'm using a 2-handed weapon OR am fighting 3+ mobs then I go 3rd person so I can see the battlefield from a better perspective. Until I get a 3 monitor setup of course...then I get my peripheral vision. :)
  9. 1st person man, its more immersive. I only switch to 3rd person to see how awesome my armour is.
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