Uhhh MW2 :D

I was going to get MW2 on 1.6ghz laptop. I know. Crazy.
I can run Call of duty 4 on 800X400 at lowest quility at around about 25 to 30fps(Smoooooth~~)
How much framerate do you think I'll get on MW2 guys?
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  1. Not enough... you're prob looking at 15 avg which is unplayable IMO. You should consider older games. i.e. of Shooters might be Counter Strike, Portal, or TF2 at lowest details? Valve's engine is quite scalable.
  2. lol I already have them all
  3. lol well if you already have the game then I'd say try it. But I wouldn't buy the game just to try it...you'll be dissapointed.
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