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I just bought a computer and the company is able to put its logo and few info into the windows panel everytime I right click My Computer to see System Properties. All other functionalities are of course the same.

How can they be able to do so.

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  1. Hi you will find some computer firms do that,that why a lot of guys now either build their own or go to a small firm, where they only put on what you want
  2. That's common practice for a lot of small computer companies. They'll list their logo, contact info, etc.
    It's a simple file change.. I put an image in there on my computer at home just to do it.

    Why can they do it? Because they built it. It is for "Support information" ya know.. they built it, they want you to remember it, and that information is always there.
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">how to do it</A>
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