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LCD Gaming Monitor?

Hello there! I have recently purchased the ASUS VS248H-P . Originally I had purchased an Acer monitor (which I'm pretty sure was a G253h...that could be incorrect though), and I got the ASUS VS248H-P in hopes of fixing or at least noticeably reducing the motion issue I was having. The issue however is still apparent.

As of now, I am using the monitor with my Xbox 360. I figured that since I will need a monitor for the gaming PC I'm gonna build, I might as well get it now so I can look at its HD goodness (due to the fact that I had previously been using an SD CRT by composite cables...). In most cases, this looks much better than that SD TV, but when handling motion, it does not. While my CRT SD TV does give less clarity, it triumphs against the LED/LCD when it comes to moving images. This can be seen quite clearly on the Xbox 360's main dashboard when moving the menus left and right. The text on the CRT is readable as it moves left and right, while on the LED/LCD, it is not. I am aware that CRTs are just better with motion, but don't most PC gamers use LCDs nowadays?

Anyways, I was just wondering if maybe it's just something that people have gotten used to over the years, or if it's something that can somehow be fixed. I will mention that I'm using a DVI to HDMI cheap $1-2 chord, but from what I've heard, the only issue with cheap chords will likely be how sturdy they are. Could it be the fact that it's DVI to HDMI? Would HDMI to HDMI fix this issue?
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    Yeah shadowing is still quite an issue with LCD monitors. Black to white transitions or vice versa really shows the technology's biggest weakness.

    With that said, you'll quickly get used to LCDs and the amount of advantages over CRT monitors are many.

    Gaming monitors using TN-panels tend to handle shadowing better, but they lack the viewing angles and colour uniformity of more expensive panels like IPS.

    I noticed, and was quite unhappy with these slow lcd pixel transitions when I made the switch, but back then I was using a 18ms cheap%#& monitor.

    I'm used to LCDs now, and would NEVER go back

    Besides this big issue the only disadvantage with LCDs is the native resolution issue. If you run an lcd monitor on anything else than its native resolution, then the image is blurry like

    hell - this can be quite annoying.
  2. Hmmm. So motion blurring is considered normal now, and people just don't care? I'm playing Skyrim on the Xbox, and it really just hurts my eyes when I turn left and right. Not because of the colors, but because all the detail in the world gets smeared whilst I turn. Not only in Skyrim though, but for MW3, BF3, and other games as well. I hate to complain, as this monitor is quite nice in every other aspect that I'm aware of. It's just, the blur is hard to get over.
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