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Looking for online multiplayer program

Hi, I'm looking for an online multiplayer program, that can enable games to play online. Where I come from, there aren't any stores that sell legit PC games, only the console ones (Console games here always get the attention). So I only download games via torrent or get a copy from a friend. I want to play online games but I can't. I have good games like Crysis 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, MW3, Far Cry 2, etc... I'm looking for a program to enable these games to play online like a private server or something or a program similar to Steam only FREE?. (Of course these games are not legit and I got them from a friend and Piratebay)

thanks a lot!
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    most modern games have very hard to crack ways of making sure you cant play online.
    So i would suggest Hamatichi or just play a game of COD 1. Team death match on carentan was awesome!
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  3. Just buy games with steam if their aren't stores near you.
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