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SI Sandra Error Msge PCI Latency?

Last response: in Applications
April 7, 2001 2:01:55 PM

I've noticed error message W1206 or PCI Latency too high. Info show's version 2.10 of the PCI Bus. I checked Intel site for updated version, no luck.

My question to anyone who knows what causes PCI Latency and if it is a driver problem.

By the way, I enjoy the Sandra program mainly because it does show alot of info in one handy little program.
April 8, 2001 12:16:01 PM

Hiya Arrow, no am not overclocking. I could find nothing explaining the Sandra error #W1206-PCI Latency too high anywhere on their web site or after a net search. My MB is intel 440bx and I could find nothing on their site either. Oh well, guess I better leave it alone.