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Could not find a dedicated mouse and Keyboard forum, so since I am going to buy a new mouse mainly for my gaming I thought to ask here.

I have 90% decided on Razer and have been looking at Abyssus and Deathadder.
I use palmgrip, bet I will dislike having a ton of side buttons.
The games I play are DNF, IWD2, DoW2 and future SWTOR, amongst a few other which I play very rarely.

So I was hoping that someone could give me a good clue as to which mouse to get.
My price range is around the zone of the two Razer mices I have mentioned, since I am not a Hardcore gaming anymore.
Any reviews will be greatly appreciated.
Am also looking at Carcharias for headset since my Arena kept humming madly all the time.

Thank you

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  1. Forgot to mention, if it helps pin point, that I use a three finger palmgrib on my current old Saitek. The FU finger on the wheel.
  2. Deathadder is one of the best mice in your price range and its perfect for palm grip users.
  3. Hello, I myself got an abyssus not long ago. I was using a generic logitec mouse before. Abyssus is nice (I got the standard version, not the mirrored finish), very nice feel to the touch, a little smaller than my previous mouse but I think I adjusted within a matter of half hour. The sensitivity is a bit different too, but I think I get that feeling because old mouse wasn't as precise and abyssus feel a little slower now, but if you crank up the dpi, the thing flies.

    I haven't used it very long, but first impression wise, it's a nice mouse and I like it. Oh and as a reference I think I use claw grip (my grip doesn't exactly match the description of claw grip that I've read).
  4. Bought the DeathAdder, am liking it, but still need a little getting used to the Ergo grip.
  5. nice. I feel that deathaddes is a bit weird to what i'm used to because the palm arc's top point is not as high as all the mouses I've used in the past
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