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Hi guys, i have a slight dilemma ......
I'm looking to upgrade my current set-up and i can't decide what should i get .... a cpu i7 980 3.33GHz (Gulftown) (Socket LGA1366) or 2 gfx cards, mainly 2 Ati hd 6950 or something similar .

My current specs' are:

i7920 over-clocked @ 3.4
2XAti hd 5870 running in x-fire -(2gb )
6gb ocz reaper ddr3 1600mhz ram
gigabyte Ex58-ud5 rev 1.0 motherboard
850w psu...

Thank you !
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  1. If its mostly for gaming get 2 new graphics cards, your current setup looks good to me. Why not wait a while for the next series of graphics cards?
  2. what problem are you having with your current set up? it should be handling everything atm. Only thing that I can see lacking would be clocking that cpu up to 4.0Ghz.
  3. a gulftown would only show its colours when your running apps like 3dsmax. the rest of the time 2 cores will sit idle and you wont see any real performance gains in games. 2 gfx cards on the other hand would show quite an improvement on higher requirement games... personally i would go for the 2 card setup as your cpu is pretty good and will do 3.6-4.2ghz with cooling. which should be enough to hand both them cards. and any game.

    although the x6 i7 is a great chip its very over priced for the performance you get. you can almost match it with a 2500k-2600k for a quarter of the money and can beat it on some apps that use x4 cores or less.

    so no m8 i wouldnt go spending all that cash on the cpu, for very little performance gain.
  4. Yeah I'd definitely go with the the Xfire if you definitely want to get something but I agree wtih Bumnut53; you might as well just wait till the next series since you can run everything for now.
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