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I just upgraded a Compaq Pentium MMX (Pentium MMX ONLY)/EDO (EDO Only) system to a K6-2 at 400MHz and 128MB of Crucial PC133. That Crucial memory is some good sh*t, none of my other memory would work on this thing except some old EDO DIMMS I had laying around. But the chipset itself is supposed to be SDRAM compatable. AMD 640 chipset. Using the undocumented 2x setting to get 2x=6x. Why, oh why, would an AMD chipset system be designed to use only Intel processors? That's Compaq. But I got it working smooth.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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  1. sweet....
    now i have to figure out how to upgrade my dads hp6545c...
    celeron 500.
    i did upgrade the ram however...he is now running 2 128 meg sticks.
    kinda helped...but i am pretty sure this is a celeron1, since he bought the computer like 3 years ago...maybe 2 years...
    but i do know that my k6-2 500 would beat his computer at some stuff, which is kinda sad...
    so anyone know what the intel-810 chipster can support?
    like am i looking at building my dad a new comp, or will this board take a p3?
    and if so, how fast?


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  2. The Intel i810 would support at least 100MHz FSB (maybe 133), the i810e would support 133MHz FSB for sure. According to <A HREF="http://www.hp.com/cposupport/personal_computing/support_doc/bph05159.html#P3_196" target="_new">THIS PAGE</A> that motherboard only supports manual 66MHz/100MHz bus settings. I cannot say for sure whether the motherboard supplies the proper voltage or has the proper BIOS support for Coppermine CPU's, however I CAN tell you that the last HP I had DID, even though the retail version of the board from Asus did NOT. The HP version had a newer version of the chipset and newer HP-Only BIOS.
    I usually have chips around I can try in them. I'm sure a shop could do that, but since you really don't want to pay shop rates, you should probably just try it with whatever Coppermine CPU you can find, even if you have to borrow it from another system. The board SHOULD support AT LEAST the enire series of 100MHz FSB chips, but I cannot garuntee it. Simply changing to a chip that will support the faster 100MHz FSB is a great performance improvement.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. yes, i just put a 256mb pc100 dimm in my mom and dad's comp (hp 6649f). 810 chipset. their site says it'll support up to a 733 but i was going to try an 800 and see what it would do. though it's only a low-end oem system, man i couldn't believe how they pack those things together. one thing i sorta like, was for all the drives it has like 6" cables. would like to get ahold of some 80wire ones that length.
  4. NO point in using 80-pin cables unless it has the revised i810E chipset. I think the original i810 chipset was only UDMA33.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. i can pretty much confirm the fact that the orig 810 was only udma33...
    my dads came with udma-33 cables, and a udma-33 drive.i will check in on that tho.


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  6. I bought a cheap OEM computer once that came with a UDMA 66 drive and the i810E, and STILL had a 40-pin cable! The company wanted to save $1 in parts. But the system cost only $200 complete, new.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. yeah, i still have to crack open my dads computer..but since he isnt going to be here tomorrow...i might just do that.
    see what drive he has, and look it up on the manuf site.
    i am pretty sure it is an old quantum...
    possible that the drive is udma 66, but i know that the cable is 40 wire.
    cheap hp..
    and i will also try the jumper thing.
    but once, i tried to up the multiplier in the bios, and it wouldnt take, so the cpu is locked...i dont know if the jumper will bypass that...would be awesome, because that 66mhz bus is holding his computer back.
    i put some pc-133 ram in there...so i dont think that that should hold it back.
    and how would i check what chipset it has...like the diff between the 810, and the 810e?
    like the id numbers on the chip?
    any info would be cool.
    i just want to see my dads computer running a little up to par.
    and i will also see if my dads friend will be willing to let me borrow his p3-700-133 on it, and if it does, then maybe i found m next project....upgrading the hell out of my dads computer.
    too bad the hp case isnt bigger, i would put a new board in there, and really upgrade the hell out of it.
    oh, and is there a way to unlock the celeron...i know there is a way to cut off a pin, but i dont think that my dad would let me CUT anything that has to do with his computer.
    he thinks i am crazy for cutting up and modding my case, and for tweaking stuff with my comptuer.
    it is kinda funny.
    because my computer works fine, and is just as stable, and even when i had my k6-2, it was WAYYYYYY faster....heh....well, not wayyyyyy faster....way faster...too many y's


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  8. No way to unlock it, the 500 won't overclock with the 100FSB, it's already near the limmit. The 700-133 is actually a 733. And you could upgrade his board with a CUSL2-M, or another Micro ATX board.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. that sucks i cant oc it...
    i might as well try and convince him to upgrade completely sooner or later.
    it is going to have to happen one day, and why not build him a computer when he decides to do so.
    i have built all the computers in my house, except his, which runs like crap.
    so i think that 4 computers, which are just the ones that i built that are in my house, the newest of which, smokes a p4, at 800mhz less, for about half the price....who could say no?
    and tech support?
    i went to santa cruz, and fixed my sisters computer...a 6 hr drive!
    that is tech support...
    i dont think dell will do that...heh


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  10. I just diagnosed a guy's Dell laptop as having a failing DVD drive, they ARE sending someone to fix it. They may sell garbage, but their support is there.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. Quote:
    NO point in using 80-pin cables unless it has the revised i810E chipset. I think the original i810 chipset was only UDMA33

    no, lol, i wouldn't bother with that system again, talking about for my comp. i mean it's a linear relationship length/speed. i would think you would see some improvement with a 6" ata100 cable over an 18" one, but i don't know, would like to get ahold of one to find out.
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