Dude, you're getting a Dell!

My neighbor go her new Dell today. $1000, got a P4 1600 (uh, that's 1600REAL MHz BTW), on an 845 motherboard! Damn I almost laughed. But the Video card, it was a...a...ATI RAGE 128! DID YOU HEAR ME? A RAGE 128! ON a NEW $1000 system!
Worst part is her husband wants to use it for GAMING! LMAO! I would have sold her a cheap CELERON system with an old TNT2 card that would have WASTED her new system for gaming-for only $500. But there's more!
She specifically did NOT want any advice for purchasing a new system. Why? Because her employer is a tech geek, and she's tired of hearing him go on about things.

She said the most important thing to her was that the computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse all had the same brand name on them!

What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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  1. Pretty sad. People like that are the reason Intel will continue to dominate the market. They don't want to know anything, they just want to buy something with as little effort as possible. I guess you can't force knowledge down someone's throat if they're not interested.

    <i>Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.</i>
  2. Too bad the "MORON" brand on her forehead isn't the same "DELL" brand on her computer!

    See a real naked pic of Britney Spears <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/stick_e_mouse" target="_new">here</A>!!!
  3. I told her that it's about as fast as a PIII 1000, but that's still not too bad for what she does. I also told her she can get a video card upgrade if needed.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. same thing happened to my friend...
    he bought a new dell, well his family did...
    it was a p4, 1.7 ghz, and it has a 13 gig hd, a tnt (not tnt2...at least as far as i could tell) a cd burner, and 128 megs of ram.
    the mouse is a 2 button logitech...with a ball.
    the monitor is pretty nice. decent 17"
    the case is the only thing i like...the way it opens..
    but my 900 athlon raped his computer when it came to gaming...even sometimes when it came to just computing...i had it running right next to his so i could back some of his files up on mine..
    .the only thing that his can do that mine cant right now, is burn cds...
    that can easily be fixed....a poorly performing system cannot really be fixed that easily.
    i really pity the people that get sucked in by the "dude, you're gettin a dell" ad campaign.
    sure worked for dell, but sure raped the customers.
    unless of course, all they care about is there being the same name on all the parts.
    hey...but you could have made that celeron computer do that too, all you would have to do is write "CRASHMAN" on the side of the case, on the keyboard by the leds, on the mouse, where it says microsoft(if it is microsoft), and on the monitor...next to the power button.
    simple solution, and would solve the problem.
    then they can say, "DUDE, YOU'RE GETTIN' A CRASHMAN!"
    or "DUDE, YOU"RE GETTING A __________!"
    insert name
    it would be a greater solution than wasting money on a dell.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  5. OK, I'm thinking about starting a new company, called the Guillemot Computer Systems, or GCS. Now I know that Guillemot is a registered name, but GCS is NOT. I can put in the Game Theater and use Guillemot to refer to the sound system, and put Guillemot Computer Systems on the back! The name would help me sell computers, and I could go around copywrite infringements that way. What do you say?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. might work!
    but..they might say that because you are putting their product in there, and have their "NAME" on the computer, they might get pissed.
    but then again, they might not..
    if you were to really do this, then i would say to talk to a lawyer first, before selling a computer.
    hey, maybe i can be your southern california support...heh


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  7. OMG thats pathetic. Add my athlon xp 1700+ with mere Gforce MX, which I built for around $500 to the whoopin list over that 1k dell.

    Some of my friends are caught up in that whole 'dell culture', you know "dude your getting a dell!" and when i tell one buddy about my computer (like when i got my athlon xp instead of my old athlon B 700 one of the aluminum ones blah oh well i killed it o/c'n and kinda was hopin it'd go hehe) he simply says, Yes, but its not a dell.

    Now thats what I call admitted ignorance!
  8. Some people simply does not like to take advice. My uncle too. He spend $1500 for a HP system in July 2001. He get an 1GHz Pentium III on a 810 chipset with 128 MB of RAM and a 15in monitor.
  9. Dude, you know how many companies have the work Creative in them?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  10. Last time I saw a $1500 HP was in CompUSA, it had an i815E chipset and the optional AGP card upgrade (I think it was a TNT2 Ultra).

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. LOL, even if you got a Cray he would say that!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  12. While back I saw the computer with the following specs being promoted as "lightning-fast gaming machine" and "best home computer ever" by local biggest comp. manufacturer: P4/1.7Ghz, 64Mb PC-600 RDRAM, TnT2 M64 video, 10Gb Quantum icl10 HDD (4500RPMS, 128Kb cache), 17" monitor capable of 1024x768@75Hz max. Compared to this, Dell actually looks pretty decent.. :)
  13. I wonder why Dell hasn't snapped <A HREF="http://www.riddleme.com/html/cow.html" target="_new"> this </A> up yet? (Major war with Gateway looms on horizon!!!)

    Wabbit season! Duck season! AMD season! INTEL season!
  14. eh...ok
    prolly work then.
    and if you got a nice customer base, then you could make some bank off this.
    as for that flash movie about the farmer with the cow...now that is a gateway comercial...hehe
    instead of having the cow decorating the barn...they should show this.
    and i dont think that there is an excuse for people not knowing about computers.
    it is really quite simple.
    and most people probably know someone who could build them a really nice computer for half of what they pay for a dell or gateway.
    new slogan for dell...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  15. that isn't the point though. like crash said with his neighbor "as long as all the parts have the same name". see, for instance, my computer chair, is all mesh and rubberbands (really comfortable). now i got it at staples for $190, but a couple miles away they had the same EXACT chair (same company, etc) at some fancy "home depot expo" center, for $399!! and do you think home depot sells it? damn right they do, why? because people are ignorant, whether they know or not. they figure if they are paying "top-dollar" they are sure to get the best product on the market. people are crazy, society in general is fruity, that's why i spend alot of time on the computer (it's safe infront of this thing.) :D
  16. yeah, but it sure is interesting to watch people be crazy, and fruity.
    and i understand what you are saying about how people assume since they are paying that much, they are getting what they are paying for.
    they do get pretty good support to back it up...but eventually, that support will run out, or they offer to extend it for like 30 bucks a month.
    i would still urge people to either build their own, or have someone they know build it for them.
    unless the people they know, or themselves are morons.
    it isnt that hard to build a computer...
    almost self explanitory for the most part.
    and what isnt, is easily learned...
    and as far as no time to do it?
    the day i built the computer i am on now, i had to go to the ucla/berkely football game at the rose bowl...and had to be done with my computer, and my friends by about 5:00.
    i almost finished both, but i got mine done, and most of my friends.
    the only thing that he had to do wa install windows.
    pretty simple...
    i dunno...i might just be pissed, well, maybe not pissed, just confused, as to why people can see that people who build their own have nice computers, and their computer runs great...and then go cough up ridiculous ammounts of money for something that, sure it works...but try and upgrade that thing...either you will void the warranty, which is what most of the money is paying for, or you will get incompatibility problems.
    it just doesnt make sense.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  17. hehe, too true. my brother, last fall, after all the stuff i told him about what my computer had and how much you can build one for, went out and bought a dell. granted it actually isn't that bad of a system. but from day one, i've heard nothing but complaints from him. everything from "why are they putting all this aol/prodigy crap on my computer!", to "this is so damn slow".
  18. Dude, you've been <A HREF="http://goatse.cx/" target="_new">DELLED</A>!!!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  19. OMFG!
    so much for finishing my bowl of jello, thanks crashman :frown:
  20. Think if I change my sig to that, it's make sig of the week?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  21. if you did, i would hate to think what rcf84 would do to get the title back :D
  22. oh man, that was wrong!
    but i think that is what getting delled is....roflmao!
    and yeah....i wonder what rcf84 would do to get it back....hmmmmm...
    it could get UGLAY!


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  23. I think that answers the question "Dude, Where's My Car"!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  24. I don't know how many times I have to tell people to build their own system or buy from a local manufaturer rather than the big boys who rip you off. People are stupid though. I think Dell has gone down hill with the components they ship as part of their "deals". They're screwing everyone. I think Dell stopped shipping their systems with PC600 at least. That memory and the SDRAM videocards really ruined the whole system. They were outdated before even being shipped. It doesn't help to laugh at people though.

    <font color=red>God</font color=red> <font color=blue>Bless</font color=blue> <font color=red>America!</font color=red>
  25. well possibly the worst combos around here are from harvey norman... namey compac systems.
    p4 1.5.. 256 rdram, geforce2mx. (hmmmm)
    p4 1.5... 845 with 512mb sdram, tnt2 m64 (oh yeah).

    celleron 1.1, 128mb sdram, 12mb INTEGRATED graphics. yikes!
    hubba hubba!
    fortunately that system came with an 8x burner.. ohh wow.

    to be fair they also sell duron systems, which are not much better.

    Excuse me for a moment. I need to drive my ergonomic wheely chair over a sheet of bubble wrap!
  26. oh yeah...gotta love those combos!
    it is like when my dad bought the HP.
    i asked the salesman if there was an agp slot, so that i could upgrade the video in the future.
    well, after we had to take the damn thing to an authorized dealer to replace the powersupply, which started to make a god awful smell, and then finally stopped working.
    well, after that, my dad didnt mind me opening it, since they had broken the "HP SEAL". i opened that thing, so that i could put in a network card.
    to my "surprise" there was only 3 pci slots...one of which was taken by the fax modem/ sound card.
    well, i plugged the nic in the second pci slot.
    that didnt work.
    wouldnt even detect it.
    well, i tried the third pci slot.
    it worked.
    so then later, i was going to put a tv card in my dads computer, and figured maybe the second pci slot worked, just that nic didnt like it.
    so, i put it in, same thing.
    well, now that mobo is even more useless.
    2 pci slots, both taken by necessiary things.
    cant upgrade the video without loosing either sound or internet.
    what bs man.
    and it is too late to return the thing...
    and he is kinda reluctant to let me upgrade it.
    i think that is because of the fact that he has seen some things mess up on me.
    but all that will change.
    no more hp computers for this household.
    the only hp thing i will let someone buy is a digital camera, a printer, or maybe a scanner.
    those are the only things made by hp that i consider worth buying.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  27. hmmm, that was ugly. yes it was.
  28. When someone is buying a new system, what the hell do we know? A computer is a computer. I offered to build a computer for my step mother, but see didn't need a screaming game machine, I told her I can build junk too. She didn't listen and was on the phone with support on day one.

    defrage is child's play-fdisk
  29. One reason most people buy a Dell becuse they need tech support.
  30. Upec wrote:

    Poster: upec
    "Subject: Re: Dude, you're getting a Dell!

    One reason most people buy a Dell becuse they need tech support."

    ROFLMAO at that one !!! Talk about a vicious cycle or circular logic ..

    they will need tech support BECAUSE they bought a Dell, guess they willget what they asked for :)


    <b><font color=blue>I'm a NASTY Intel\AMD\Nvidia\ATI user and I'm just gonna TAKE that d@mn cookie</b> </font color=blue>
  31. Upec wrote:

    Poster: upec
    "Subject: Re: Dude, you're getting a Dell!

    One reason most people buy a Dell becuse they need tech support."

    ROFLMAO at that one !!! Talk about a vicious cycle or circular logic ..

    they will need tech support BECAUSE they bought a Dell, guess they will get what they asked for :)


    <b><font color=blue>I'm a NASTY Intel\AMD\Nvidia\ATI user and I'm just gonna TAKE that d@mn cookie</b> </font color=blue>
  32. One night at my parents, my mother mentioned that her neighbor loves Dell because their tech support is so responsive and helpful when her computer crashes at least once a day. I was thinking why is her computer crashing once a day, but my brother-in-law thought that was cool and bought an overpriced outdated Dell. Poor Sis'.
  33. The thing about Dell is that they could avoid most of their tech support if they would just release more drivers. Once they stop shipping a product they don't release new drivers which led to most problems for me. How many OS's have been released in the last 3 years? 98, 98se, ME, and XP. We need new drivers! How long till XPse you think?

    The other thing that sucks is that Dells aren't designed to be upgraded. Once you buy Dell don't expect to upgrade unless you know what you're doing. But in that case you'd just build a new machine anyways. I knew that my dell could be upgraded from 400 Mhz to 1 Ghz, but when I asked Dell they had no clue. Asked whether the motherboard supported 256 MB memory they had no clue either (it does). So yes, I could have upgraded it, but the average user couldn't. They want you to buy a new machine.

    <font color=red>God</font color=red> <font color=blue>Bless</font color=blue> <font color=red>America!</font color=red>
  34. For those of you who hate steve from Dell...
    This was posted over at Sharky's


    It's about damn time!!! Those commercials are really annoying. I can't stand any computer commercial where all they mention is the CPU speed and nothing else.

    Mr. + Mrs. Feffercorn, you son should build an AMD system instead. Read SF and CJ for tips, and "don't believe the (Intel) hype!!!"

    Behold the POWER of common sense!!!
  35. Dell uses Intel motherboards, which are unsurpassed in the industry for reliability and compatability. Until they recently got cheap, they used top brand soundcards like Creative and Aureal. It's not Dell's fault that the Live had problems, it's the card people wanted!
    They've also used solid graphics cards, and cut cost only by using older models, such as the Rage 128 and the TNT2/TNT2 Ultra.
    It's the fact that people will pay thousand of dollars for these outdated and low performance parts that makes the Dell such a terrible deal. The parts they use are mostly the most reliable in the industry.
    So why do Dell's crash so often? Because the tyical buyer that's dumb enough to buy such low performance equipement is also dumb enough to download every piece of freeware/shareware they can find, like Yahoo messanger, AOL IM, ICQ, Bonzi Buddy, screensavers, etc, that have buggy code and crash their systems. You really have to blame the user both for the poor value they got and the crashes. Slow but reliable parts are not responsible for crashes, users are. I just think it's a rip off that they sell a "performance" PC with an i845 and a slow old video card. Probably using 5400RPM drives or slower, because those are also cheap and reliable.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  36. hehe...you know what is funny...the guy who bought that dell, my friend...he has bonzi buddy on his comp....hehehehehe...
    just thought it was funny that you mentioned something that would cause a problem......which someone i know, who has a dell, has.
    that was a weird sentence....hmm...
    but yeah...that bbspot story, about the kid getting beat up...yeah...that was good...he is getting kinda annoying.
    and what is funny, is all these computer commercials are coming out now that intel reached the 2 ghz mark.
    they are all cashing in on the intel "hype"...and using the old parts, as mentioned by crashman, to make some major bank off of it.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  37. oh man, do you ever speak the truth! you don't know how many tarts i know that somehow feel they need every messenger service, every download assistant, at least 2-3 peer2peer clients(bearshare, imesh, etc) and usually a download accelerator for good measure. then cry because they have random lockups, system is bogged down all the time and they have to reboot about 3x a day. and the kicker is they feel compelled to run all this at the same time. i get paranoid installing winrar, takes all kinds i guess :/
  38. Funny thing-Dell is using Just In Time (JIT) methods, aka the Toyota Manufacturing System (TMS) to make their company more responsive to customer demand and leaner. But they must be doing something wrong in the implementation, because their profit margins are still way down even when they sell cheap systems for big bucks.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  39. Crashman
    Its information like this that helped me build my first system waaaaay back when AMD had just come out with the
    K6-2. I built that system with the help of a friend and I can remember having soooooo many questions about how to do this and how to do that. That system is gone now and Im back looking to build another computer for myself (from the ground up). I am (or was back then) a serious gamer. So Im gonna need a system that gives me the punch I like for as little money as possible...

    And for a while there, I was seriously thinking about simply going to COMP USA and buying one off the shelf. After reading this thread, I now remember why I decided years ago to build my system myself..

    Its been a long time ans I dont have that computer anymore. And Im hoping I can remember how to get a bare bones system up and running.

    Its good to be back on TOM's page. Lot of good information and insight...

    Can you offer any other web sites that might help me get back up to speed on performance, compatability and pricing?..

    Thanks a lot!!!!
  40. The quickest way to learn about new hardware is to look in these forums and see what other people are buying, usually you find good links to reviews.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  41. hah rape.. wow.. what versatile word.. happens in all kinds of business huh? we really shouldn't use that word tho... would be sad if it actually happened to anyone reading this...


    who ever has the most ram when they die wins!
  42. yeah it would be sad...but we now have to come up with another word....hmmm...maybe we can call it dell.....
    "you're getting delled by that store, $1,000 for a celeron 500????"
    yeah, so if anyone was reading this thread, and they were offended by the word rape, then i sincerely apologize for that.

    but man o man...getting delled is not a good thing.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  43. I was having lunch with a friend recently who told me she was planning on buying a Gateway. I listened to her list of features and asked her to sit down at the computer with me. I priced out some good stuff, explained the advantages and offered to build her a better machine. With my pc, she got upgrades on everything (no Intel inside!), extreme performance (1800+ on KT266A mb with GeForce3) for less money. All top-of-the-line name-brand stuff. However, she didn't get the nice moo box...

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Travst on 12/03/01 02:34 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  44. well, you could take a box and spray paint it with a cow pattern...and say, hey look, you even get the moo box!


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  45. the moo box alone is worth it :tongue:
  46. I have a friend at work who is looking into getting a Sony Vaio at Best Buy. I warned her about it.
    It's a P4 1.5Ghz with 256 MB of SDRAM.
    No monitor and no printer for $1100.
    I speced some stuff out for her and figured I could save her at least $400 with the monitor and printer and she would have a better computer.
    She was all up for it. Her husband on the other hand, didn't want it. He had the whole "but the guys at work say..." mentality.
    He still refused after I told him I'd do it for free and provide support. Just so they wouldn't get delled. I would still like to help them, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good site that builds them and provides support so they don't have to go to Best Buy and get delled. Any help would be appreciated.
  47. hmm...well what are they going to be using the computer for...since she was looking at the sony viao, i am thinking that she is doing some sort of video editing....since those come with firewire ports and such.....
    and what the hell could the "guys at work" be telling him that would make him turn down free construction and free support!?!?! from someone they know!!!!!!??????!!!!!???
    that is odd...you would think that would make him want you to build it.
    but let us know what they are planning on using the comp for...
    for now, here are some places i can think of, which are really just gaming computers, but they have pretty good customization, and support. <A HREF="http://www.voodoopc.com" target="_new">http://www.voodoopc.com</A>
    here is a place that i think will customize the computer for them, might be a bit overpriced, but it is a good solid computer...<A HREF="http://www.wolop.com" target="_new">http://www.wolop.com</A>
    here is a place that a lot of people know about, and is again, mostly gaming computers...but again, support, and customization, and software...<A HREF="http://www.alienware.com" target="_new">http://www.alienware.com</A>
    here is one i heard about in a gaming magazine, so i am figuring that this is geared towards gamers...<A HREF="http://www.ibuypower.com" target="_new">http://www.ibuypower.com</A>
    another gaming pc site...pretty famous too, and great support...kinda pricey tho...<A HREF="http://www.falcon-nw.com" target="_new">http://www.falcon-nw.com</A>
    another place i read about in a magazine....not sure about their computers, but they look sweet...prolly pretty expensive...<A HREF="http://www.xdreammachines.com" target="_new">http://www.xdreammachines.com</A>

    and you want to know the funny thing about all these computers...you could build something VERY close to what they are offering...for sometimes half the price!
    but if they REALLY have to get a pre-built computer...then find out what they are going to be using that computer for, and i am sure someone can recommend a company that will build them a great computer...
    i think that crashman said something about dell making computers with the 850 mobo's, and using rdram...but not sure how much more that will cost.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  48. Thanks, I'll check them out. They're just getting a computer to have one basically. No big gaming, no video editing, nothing like that. They wanted the Vaio because they thought it was a good deal. That's when I was like WOAH! Wait a minute. And so on and so forth.

    Anyway. I'll take a look at those, thanks.
  49. i agree. whether they're going to be using it for specialized tasks or just "to have one", $1100 for that is a total ripoff. and personally the only thing i would ever buy from bestbuy is media..but i usually stockup online.
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