Batman Arkham City OR Assassins Creed Revelations

Batman: I might get one, i need help i'm gonna get it when it gets a bit cheaper probably which will be around Xmas Time. What is best? I've never owned Arkham Asylum But I've played the demo, lemme say, the setting is in the dark which is why he is the dark knight (Bruce Wayne) The demo is pretty good the gameplay, And I'm pretty sure Arkham City will be good one of my close friends is gonna buy it instead of Gears of War 3, and he thinks its gonna be pretty good so which one?

Assassins Creed: I've played Assassins creed 1, i owned it but i didn't like the setting much but i loved the gameplay i never completed it but Assassins Creed 2 i have that, i COMPLETED it its a great game, good story and gameplay, Brotherhood was brilliant as well with multiplayer and story mode, I Like the Story to AC2 And Brotherhood But AC2 story was more reasonable as he was actually fighting for the avenge of his father but Brotherhood its like 20 years? Revelations I saw the E3 Demo, looks awesome? Which one
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  1. Hey Dude Wht U think About Assasian N BAtman .....................

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  2. If you're playing on PC, I'd say neither. Arkham City on PC has turned into a massive porting disaster that probably won't get fixed for a long time. The growing consensus is that the DX11 issues won't be fixed for at least a month. Ubisoft has just stuck up their middle finger to PC gamers claiming that 95% of us pirate their games and are using that to justify canceling most of their PC releases because they want to focus on shovelware for the consoles. If you really want to play it on PC, you might as well pirate it out of spite when it does come out.

    On the consoles Arkham City has received really good reviews, I don't think anyone sees it as a bad game. AC:R isn't out yet so it's hard to say how good or bad it will be. Probably will be more of the same as far as Assassin's Creed goes. If you want a more familiar experience go with that. Arkham Asylum was quite good, and Arkham City is generally seen as being at least just as good, PC issues aside, so definitely give it a try at some point.
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