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ok i have bought 512md ddr ram on one stick it is generic from ebuyer .com how ever on testing the mory on the the K7S5A the computer did not boot !!! although when tested together with an addition 256 ddr stick the system booted recognized there was 760+ ram on the board however then a message was displayed on the lines of windows protection error please restart your computer !!! how can i get the memory to work ??? anything i can do ??? and would it be better if i bought 2 seperate sticks of 256md ddr ?????????????????
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  1. Generic memory isn't recommended by anyone. I would buy good memory from crucial.com. Prices are rising so I would do it quickly.

    If you want to try to get your memory working anyways I can only suggest that you set the memory timings to 3 in the bios, that you don't overclock, and that you pray. Sometimes you get lucky with generic, sometimes you don't.

    It's not a matter of buying two sticks, just quality memory.

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