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Hi All:

I've decided to make my first foray in the world of building PCs from the bottom up. Check out the components that I'm planning to use to build my PC. The major factors influencing my decision were:

1. budget => I wanted to build something under $400, because I didn't want to end up frying an expensive motherboard containing expensive components, this being my first attempt at this kind of thing. Once I've got the hang of this, I'll start building fancier PCs.
2. overclocking => I'd like to fiddle around with the overclocking aspects, so I want a motherboard where I can use the BIOS to change settings.
3. application => I need a firewall PC at home, so I might as well build something that doesn't have to be a major workhorse.

Having said all that, here goes. My proposed system will contain:

* Soyo SY-6BA+ IV motherboard ($60)
* 128MB SDRAM ($20)
* 20GB 7200RPM HDD ($70)
* 1 FDD ($5)
* 1 CD-ROM (~52X??) ($20)
* 2 10/100 NICs from the $5 bin in my local used PC retail store. ($15)
* 1 15" monitor from the same place ($75)
* 1 sound card from the same place ($15)
* 1 video card from the same place ($15)
* 1 decent case with probably a 300W PS ($75)

This adds up to almost $400 including S&H, but I'm still willing to cut corners!!

Any more suggestions/advice and/or constructive criticism is appreciated.

Thanx again,
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  1. You didn't include your cpu, so you're already overbudget. I suggest (if you can) order online a duron motherboard combo for about $100, which includes shipping. If you screw up, you're only out the $100. I also recommend the ECS K7S5A motherboard, which is usually one of the selections available (works with either sdram or ddram). Pricewatch-motherboard combos- pick your speed.
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