boot from floppy/cd to external hdd ?


i have a huge problem with my notebook mitac 8640-D, which is not repairable as it looks.
any internal harddisk get up to 55 Degree Celsius (which is the allowed absolute max) withing 20-30 minutes.
i then have to shut off the notebook in order to keep harm from the hdd.

it has been tested with various hdd, also old (and slow) ones, but it is the same with any hdd. the problem is not the hdd, but either missing cooling or something getting to
hot inside (the cpu-fan cannot be commanded by user).

i could not find a 2,5 hdd ide cable, else i would lead this internal hdd to the outside and use it in a box outside the notebook.
so my only option is to use an external hdd from usb2/1394

too bad, the notebooks bios (the latest, insyde) does not support boot from external hdd.
so i cannot install win xp to external hdd.

i can boot either from floppy (external), from cd (internal) or from ide hdd (internal).

since the internal hdd always has heating problem, i would like to run my windows xp from an external hdd, connected via firewire/usb2 (though initially not supoorted by bios)

here is my question (i am runnning win xp home SP2) :

how can i make either a boot floppy or a boot cd (whichever) that makes it possible to run windows xp (home sp2) from an external drive, and completely without an internal hdd ?

is there any way to do that ?

if so, i would be happy for a very detailed description (for dummy - description)
i could get no help elsewheere and this forum is my last hope.

thank you very much for your help,

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  1. You could just use a linux bootable CD and use that..

    Linux isn't a bad thing to know these days.. I'm sure Folken or another person can advice you on a good version of Linux to use.. which would definately give you better performance on your laptop that XP ever could.
  2. someone has a solution for win-xp ?
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