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Is Batman: Arkham City better on the PC or the PS3? I've pre-ordered it for the PC but apart from the fact that its continuously getting delayed, I've come to believe that people are really criticizing the PC version. Is that true? Because if that be the case, I may as well cancel my PC pre-order and order the PS3 version only! Only reason I went for the PC version: better graphics, performance, DX11, etc.

Thanks y'all!
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  1. Arkham City finally came out today for the PC, Woo Hoo!

    If you already pre orderd for the PC then imo I would keep it. AFAIK (Havn't played it yet, still waiting for it to download on steam) the only issue with Arkham City on the PC is DX11 causing poor performance so its been recommended by Rocksteady to play in DX9 till they patch it up. When it is patched up it will be far better then on console.
  2. Does the PC version use SecuRom? I know Arkham Asylum did. If SecuRom would be a problem for you (it would be for me), might be worth doing some research.
  3. Yes is does. Apparently it uses SecuROM, GFWL & Steamworks
  4. apparently when running in dx11, the game is unplayable. The developers have acknowledged this and have recommended playing the game in dx9. I can't confirm this personally as once I read about this problem on Tuesday, I decided to just wait until a patch is released before I download it.
  5. ya it needs patched horribly. i had dips down to 4fps with all maxed but about 20 average
  6. The game plays fine in DX9, and hopefully they will patch DX11 asap.
    Still can't believe they didn't bother testing DX11 before release though, or maybe they did and just couldn't be arsed sorting it out before release date.
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