CRC error when installing The Witcher 2

Hello guys as stated in the thread title above I've received a CRC error message while installing The Witcher 2.

So I've looked all around the internet and tried various "solutions" but none have solve the problem.

What I've done was:

1) Copy the files in Disk 1 into a new folder as "TW2 disk 1" without any error during the copying process.
2) Copy the files in Disk2 into a new folder as "TW2 disk 2" without any error during the copying process.
3) Turn off anti-virus
4) Turn off firewall
5) Turn off User Account Control (UAC)
6) And then lastly run the setup.exe as administrator.

Please help me find a way around this barrier of errors preventing me from playing the game :(
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  1. Forgot to mention one important thing:

    The message is --

    CRC error: The file C:\Program Files (86)\The Witcher 2\CookedPC\pack0.dzip doesn't match the file in the setup;s cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup maybe corrupted; contact your software vendor.

    It gave me option to either "Abort", "Ignore" or "Retry".

    I click on "Retry" every time when the message shows up. After I click retry the message is gone. It then shows up after a few minutes. Then I click on retry again. However, the bar gets longer and moving as if it is making progress.
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